37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

29. onklac

I’m in my early 30’s, married for 10+ years w/kids. My Wife is only the second woman I’ve had sex with and I’ve had/have no intentions of ever cheating on my wife. This is not a sexual confession.
I recently found a lump in my scrotum and decided I needed to have it checked out. I had to find a new primary care physician and selected a female physician knowing that it was almost a 100% chance that she would have to exam my penis.

I’ve been shy my entire life. My lack of sexual partners in my earlier pre-marriage years was 100% due to my shyness. I’m not a “hung” guy. I’m a grower, not a shower and a little above average in the package department.
Anyway, so leading up to my appointment, I kept getting nervous over the fact that I would be having my penis touched/examined by another woman, but I think I subconsciously did this on purpose because of my shyness. So, the appointment comes, we get into the visit and it’s time to undress… I did not hesitate at all… stripped down no covering or anything. It felt invigorating! Now, just to clarify, I was not sexually turned on, though I wouldn’t have minded if my penis was more of a shower that day. I think it was the smallest I’ve ever seen it LOL. Again, this was not a sexual thing for me, it was like this weird weight of shyness was lifted from me at that moment.

So, as I figured, I was referred to a urologist for further review of this testicular mass in my scrotum. Had to have an ultrasound, so I show up and there was a team of women there to perform my ultrasound. They leave the room, I undress, they come back in and there are 3 women present to perform the ultrasound and review. Again, no shyness, embarrassment at all. I was in there for 45 minutes laying on a table with nothing on below the waist and nothing covering me, just the technicians scanning my testicles, then when I thought they were done, nope the second tech was in training so another 20 minutes of scanning.
Again, this wasn’t a sexual thing for me at all, but the feeling of being naked in front of people I did not know was exceptionally thrilling.


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