37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

22. lupus_

This one time I laughed at someone’s lupus because they were annoying the everliving foot long shitssout of me by calling me a troll for disagreeing with them about a christ forsaken videogame and then suddenly I’m the bad guy. Me. I just laughed at their fucking lupus. And yes, I’m being half sarcastic.

I’m a total asshole sometimes. I was having a bad day, and I’m asshole. Sometimes that doesn’t always make bad days better. I got banned from where I posted that but before I know it SRSers and sending me messages and stalking tell me to kill myself a lot in PMs. I literally begged her (well as literal as you can get on the internet) to stop in a PM and the shit reddit says thread because I’ve got issues with depression and suicidal thoughts. Assholes aren’t assholes for no reason. I mean when you think about it she uses her emotions about being offended about and lupus as an excuse to get people to tell me to kill myself so there you go what more proof do you need? Preexisting issues don’t excuse anything, but a slight hint of self awareness sure would have made me less angry. She demanded I apologize. After I told her about the death threats. I’m sorry honey, but I can’t apologize after you sick your SRS bitches on me.


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