37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

14. carlinha1289

Growing up, my mom was always very strict about the way I dressed. Nothing too long because it would make me look older, nothin too short because it would make me look slutty. Since she always paid for my clothes, I never really had the last word.

I started working at 17 and saved up some money to get myself a nice birthday outfit that I wanted to wear to go out. I got myself a nice shirt corset (you know, the ones that are shirts but hat have a corset at the back). As soon as my mom saw it, she said I looked like a prostitute and that she reused to come to my birthday supper if I was wearing that. I still wore it and she ended up not coming.

Weeks later, I was looking for it and it was no where to be found. I asked her about it and she said she didn’t find it. Fine, I just said to myself it was at the back of my closet or that my sister borrowed it. Months later, I get a sexy black dress. I wore it to a party and my mom happened to see it. Needless to say, the dress disappeared. Again, mom didn’t know where it went… It started to become suspicious.

Then, I got married and while we moved out, I left some clothes at my moms. Well believe it or not, she threw out all my short/not of her approval/ not of her liking clothes I had left her. She said that its my fault because I left them in the bag to donate. I know it’s not true because he bag to donate was clearly separated from the rest and that I tend not to donate 150$ dresses that I just got a year ago.

I asked her a last time if she has been the one taking clothes from me for the last years. She said no. So I let it go. I let her be. Then, I visited her around Christmas time two years ago. Being religious, she was Doug to the midnight mass, she had gotten that beautiful outfit. It was a dress and a top. Oops… The top ended up in the garbage. She looked for it over and over, asking me if I had seen it. Nope…

Then, we visited months later. She had some satin panties that I know she found very comfy. I took all 3 of them. All to the garbage. At that point I’m sure she was thinking that it was me who was take her things so she was more careful about it and followed me around in the house.

Then, my husband got me UGG boots last Christmas. They cost 500$ and my mom hates them (up to the knee-slutty, they are furry too and in feminine). She tried to throw them out!!!! My husband caught her with the boots still in the box outside in the neighbour’s garbage trash can.

When he caught her, she acted surprised and said that “she must have memory problems, she wanted to put them in the closet.”

So, every time we go over, we steal a pair of panties that she likes. It’s a small revenge but bet satisfactory since she’s very picky about them.


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