10 Places Guys Can Meet Women (Without Being A Total Creep About It)

7. On Trivia Night

A popular weekly activity in most large cities is trivia at your favorite neighborhood bar. Trivia Nights are a great way to meet ladies in a bar setting (as well as Happy Hour) without being creepy. Trivia is fun and always entertaining.

If you go with a couple dudes and need more people on your team, try to recruit some girls at the bar to join in, or ask to combine teams. If you don’t want to go that route, then strategically sit your team of bros next to a team of ladies (or a team of mostly ladies). Create a little rivalry and competition between your teams. Maybe talk some shit to them — be funny, not rude — or tell them whoever loses buys a round at the end. If the girls are interested, then they will totally partake in post-trivia shenanigans.



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