10 Places Guys Can Meet Women (Without Being A Total Creep About It)

4. At a Concert

Concerts, shows and music festivals are all amazing places to meet women. If you’re both there, you obviously both have an interest for the same band, singer, or type of music genre, which already gives you an easy and non-creepy conversation starter.

A good time to chat her up is when you’re both in line for a beer or before the show starts. Don’t try to chat her up while the group is performing. If you’re at a show where you’ll be dancing, maybe try to dance around with her and her friends. Don’t, I repeat, DO NOT try to grind with her. Girls love it when guys joke around with them on the dance floor. Ask her if she’s seen the group before, or what her favorite song is, etc. It’s easy and not creepy, so don’t screw it up.



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