10 Places Guys Can Meet Women (Without Being A Total Creep About It)

3. The Grocery Store

This is probably one of the harder places to attempt to pick up a lady without being creepy. If you want to try this, definitely try to stay away from weird puns involving melons, apples, bananas, or basically anything that can be used to describe male or female genitalia. Don’t ask her if she has big melons, or likes her bananas firm. Keep those jokes to yourself and your bros. She will not be impressed, even if it’s the best pun you’ve made in a while.

Any grocery store that has organic or healthy foods will be full of young women, such as Whole Foods and Trader Joes. The best time or place to pick up a gal in one of these stores is while you’re waiting either in line to check-out or if you’re both waiting for your freshly cut salmon or steak.

An easy way to start a conversation is to bring up a recipe for the fresh salmon or burger meat you just picked up. Ask her how she likes hers cooked, or if she likes cooking. It’s not creepy and it shows that you like cooking (which is a major turn-on for women). If you two continue chatting past the line you’re in, then ask for her number, or better yet, ask if you can cook for her some time. Maybe see who can cook a better burger? Everyone enjoys a little competition.



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