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I Can Be Over You Without Being Over Us

When I think of you, I think of us. I cannot think of you without me being a part of you. I do not just miss you; I miss us.

I remember the first time we met; I could not stop looking at you. You were so beautiful and from the very first time, I knew your heart was pure.

The first time I met you, I could see the inevitable end. I never meant to let you go, and I wish I could remember what made me mess up.

I thought I had you to call my own, but I was so confused, and I made one mistake and you were gone. I would give everything up for a second chance. Without you, I cannot remember what I used to be, and maybe it is better this way.

I remember our lazy Sundays when we would drive away from the city. One of my fondest memories is looking at you as we drove up the highway listening to our favorite songs while holding hands. You would smile at me every time you turned to look at me, and at that moment, I had everything.

I wanted that moment to never end. You made everything so easy and I made it all so hard.

We never did much, but everything we did was always fun. We cooked, we walked, we could talk nonstop, and we could just sit there silently next to each other.

I loved walking with you on the cobblestones, looking at the people walking by, but more than anything, I loved looking at you, and I loved it more when you stopped and kissed my forehead and we would continue walking.

It was impossible for me to not smile when you were around. I wish I knew your worth before I lost you forever.

You never did anything wrong, and after all these years, I am yet to find a fault. My internal battles made it difficult to choose you, and I will be forever sorry for that, but we all slowly learn to move on.

I wish I could show you the jumbled thoughts inside my head so you could see why I did what I did.

You were that moment in time that I will never forget, and I will set you aside in a faraway compartment of my mind. It is too painful to have you as a constant part of my everyday without having you be a part of my life.

Even after all these years, memories of your love give me hope that people like you exist in this world, and I hope you are happy wherever you are.

Thoughts of you make me smile because of what I used to have and make me cry because I have you no longer. You were a dream, and I loved living every minute of it.

Every image I see of you, I see myself standing by you. Every memory I have of you has me sitting beside you.

I do not miss you; I miss us. I can get over you, but I can never get over us.

This is not a story of you and how much I miss you. This is a story of the memories of us. A beautiful story of love that could have been more and would have lasted a lifetime. This is a story of sacrifice, of love that could have changed my life.

Every memory I have of you is a memory of both of us. I am over you, but I will never be over us.