20 Things To Do Now To Start Preparing For 2020

20 Things To Do Now To Start Preparing For 2020

1. Make healthier choices

Start a new exercise program or just go for a walk. Do something active. Eat better, you don’t have to start a trendy diet, just start by avoiding processed and/or fried foods.

2. Travel

Fall is a great time to go on a vacation. Summer is almost over, so make the most of the warmer days before getting yourself ready for winter. East Coast foliage in the fall anyone?

3. Volunteer

Whether it is at a food pantry or an animal shelter, there is always a need for help. Plus, it will make you feel so much better and happier.

4. Filter your clothes (and shoes)

Find the inner Marie Kondo in you and get rid of all the clothes and shoes that you have not worn since January. Decluttering gives you unexplainable mental peace.

5. Get a pet (or a plant)

It has been proven that having a pet makes us happier, so why not get yourself a little dog or a cat? And if you don’t want that much responsibility- get a fish. Watching fish swim can lower your blood pressure. Or how about starting with a houseplant?

6. Find a new hobby

We spend so much time on our phones that we tend to forget there are other things to do out there. Knitting, cooking, learning a new language- keep learning, challenge that brain of yours. Trapeze class anyone?

7. Buy a new mattress

You know you need to. We spend more than half our lives in bed- sleeping, resting or watching Netflix. Your back and your body need the best support and comfort it can get. Good sleep is essential for overall health, so investing in a good mattress and soft sheets is a smart investment.

8. Go see a dentist

It’s amazing how many people do not go to the dentist. A yearly checkup and cleaning will keep you on track and give more life to your pearly whites.

9. Get a physical

A lot of our health is under our control, how we treat our body is how our body will treat us back. A yearly visit to the physician is important to see everything is running okay and pay a little for the basic blood work- it’s always better to know your sugar and cholesterol numbers.

10. Pursue a career you want

If you have been complaining about your job, what have you been doing about it? Go to networking events, research online and pay someone to redo your resume- you will not regret it.

11. Try a cuisine from a foreign country

We are so grateful for pizza and sushi. We have our go-to but be a little adventurous- have you tried “momos” from Nepal? I promise, they will change your life.

12. Start/End that relationship

Have you always had feelings for that special person? Don’t wait till December 31 to express yourself because someone else already might have. Are you still procrastinating breaking up because you share a pet or a bank account but are so unhappy? End it, you will figure out a way to make things work for you. It’s much harder to do it but a smarter decision in the long run.

13. Talk to your parents weekly

We get busy, but we spend so much time on our phones. Make it a point to talk to your parents on a weekly basis because you have no idea how much they have done for you and how much it will mean to them- till you become a parent.

14. Make plans to see your best friends

Life happens, work happens, and relationships happen- but best friends go on forever. It is easy to get distracted and forget to make time with the closest friends in life. Plan a trip with them or at least plan bi-weekly calls (if they are far) or lunches with them. That will definitely add joy to your life.

15. Use sunscreen

If you do not already, please start soon. The sun’s harsh UVA (causes aging) and UVB (causes burn) have been affecting your skin everyday so protect it. Being tan will never be more important than being safe. And, if you notice that new ‘mole’, go see a dermatologist.

16. Quit smoking

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions does not need a January 1 date. The best time to quit is right now, not tomorrow or the 1st of any date. So quit that smoking habit- it is bad for you, for others, the environment and your pocket.

17. Spend less, save more

‘Treat Yo’Self’ has ended up depleting a lot of people’s bank accounts. It is important to treat yourself sometimes, but it is also very important to have a safe cushion in the bank in case of emergencies. Start by cooking more at home instead of eating out or ordering takeout. Your wallet and your health will thank you.

18. Drink less (alcohol)

Drinking is fun, it helps you loosen up and relax but it is easy to get carried away with drinking and it is definitely bad for your health, wallet and ‘relationship status’. Alcohol is a lot of empty calories and think of the number of times you texted your ex after drinking, when you shouldn’t have.

19. Start a new skincare regime

We expose our skin to the harsh environment and do not give it the best treatment. There are women who follow the 10-step Korean skincare regime, but it does not have to be that intense. Just start by cleansing and moisturizing your skin, let your skin know you care. Take care of yourself inside out.

20. Enjoy life to the fullest

According to psychology, the key to enjoying life to the fullest is not making major life changes or big achievements- it is in enjoying the little pleasures of everyday life, like going for a walk or treating yourself that ice cream. Also having a daily ritual adds a lot of satisfaction to life.

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