When He Texts You After Ghosting, Do Not Answer

When He Texts You After Ghosting, Do Not Answer

Do you remember him? The guy who never responded to any of your messages after you invested so much time into him. The guy you spent hours on the phone with. The guy who you went to dinner with at that nice Italian place. The guy who you thought was the “nice guy,” the “sweet guy,” the kind of guy that your parents would just adore.

But then, when one small altercation occurred, he never responded to you. You sent him a message explaining yourself. No response. You waited two to three days. Still no response. You sent him another message. No response. After a week, you decided to call. No response. Weeks turned into two months.

It was time you gave up, because his Instagram was clearly booming. He was posting photos with his friends, sharing throwbacks on his story, and commenting on everyone’s photos except yours.

You had been ghosted.

Ghosting has become one of the most common concepts in the modern dating world today. It is something that people do so often to avoid the truth. They think if they do not reply to a person and act like nothing happened, then their problem disappears into thin air. Well, the reality is that their narcissistic choice often leaves the other person questioning what they could have done better or what they did wrong.

After he ghosts you for a few months, you get a text from him. Is it a simple “Hey” or “What have you been up to?” Just look at that message for a moment. It’s silly how someone can leave you just like that and come back into your life to act as if nothing happened.

Do not text him back. Why should you reply to him when he left you with no answer? He did not hear you out when you drowned in sadness, curiosity, and emptiness when he had chosen to leave you with no answer.

You’re probably thinking he wants to try again. He is going to be better this time. If he can leave you once without being honest and telling you what the problem is, then ask yourself: Is he really worth your time? If he cannot have that conversation about what is going on with him with you, then should you really be with him?

He is only texting you now because he cannot find someone new to fill the emptiness in his heart. He needs someone who will consistently text him, someone who will shower him with love, and someone who sticks by his side. Meanwhile, you will put your 110% into him, and he will only put his 65% into you. That’s if you’re lucky.

Remember, the moment someone better comes his way, he is going to walk away from you. He is going to never give you his all if he cannot be honest with you and leaves you when a challenge arises.

You deserve someone who will be honest to you.

If he texts you after ghosting you, then do not answer.