When God Takes Something Away From You It’s Because He Knows You Deserve Something Better

Nobody likes beautiful things to end. We want to hold on to people, places, and memories that we love for as long as we can. We want to keep them in our lives forever. We do our best not to lose them. We fear change because we prefer everything to stay exactly the same.

But the reality is nothing in this world remains stagnant. The earth continues to move. The day always fades into the night. Life goes on and everyone keeps up with it. Some things end. Sometimes it’s your fault why they end. Most of the time, they are out of your control. Either way, you have to be okay with curtains closing.

Because God has better plans for you. And I know that sounds cliche. I know you’ve heard it a lot of times. But if you ponder about it, maybe the reason why God takes something away from you is because it doesn’t add value to your life anymore. It has already served its purpose. And perhaps it’s time for you to move on to bigger things.

If a relationship is on the brink of falling apart, maybe it’s time that you pull the trigger. Maybe this person you’re with is only making you doubt yourself and your ability to love. Maybe God can already see how much you’re suffering and he’s helping you walk in a different direction. He knows you deserve someone better. Maybe the relationship is meant to teach you powerful lessons but maybe it’s not built to last.

If you don’t feel inspired in the city or town you’re living in right now, maybe it’s time to pack your bags. You don’t have to push yourself to be rooted in one place if your heart wants you to be somewhere else. Having faith in God means trusting that he’s going to be with you wherever you go. You just need to honor your gut and pray that God is going to guide you in your journey.

If a job is making you hate your life, maybe it’s time that you look for something else. You don’t want to spend 40 hours or more of your week dreading to report for work. Not only it will take a toll on your mental health but it will also negatively affect your contribution to the company you’re working for. Maybe God is steering you away from the wrong job because he’s about to introduce you to the kind of work that will motivate you to hone the skills he has given you.

If certain memories trigger your emotions, maybe it’s time to completely let them go. In as much as you like to remember the moments you’ve shared with some people, sometimes the best way to move forward is to block them from entering your mind. God has a lot of wonderful things he wants to give to you and you must make space for them.

God will not end a chapter of your life and leave the next page empty. Maybe for a brief period, he will let you heal yourself. He will give you a chance to reflect on unpleasant experiences you’ve encountered. But almost always, he will replace something you’ve lost with something even better. Ultimately, he’s the one who has an idea of what’s best for you and what you deserve. You may not realize this now but eventually it will all make sense.

Beautiful things end because, though they seem perfect at a glance, they simply are not the right ones for you. What’s supposed to stay in your life is going to be there no matter what. They say good relationships don’t end. And I believe that to be true. Regardless of how much you’ve changed, whatever curveball this world throws at you, the people who want to be part of your story will always find a way to stick around.

Endings are painful in some shape or form. Sometimes we can’t help but question God why the things we love get taken away from us. Maybe we will never know all the answers. And maybe we don’t need to. All we have to do is say our peace to those that we’ve lost, welcome those that are about to come, and hope that, along the way, the best ones will stay.