This Is What God Wants You To Learn From Seasons Of Waiting

A Short List Of Things Worth Doing For Self-Care

1. Getting enough hours of sleep.

Your brain is sharper when you are not sleep deprived. I totally get how hard it is to achieve 7-8 hours of complete rest every night, but once you make a habit of sleeping early, you will notice a positive shift in your behavior. You will wake up the next day less irritated and more of like a functioning human being. So set a consistent bedtime every day and train your body to stick with it no matter what.

2. Writing down your thoughts and feelings.

Journaling has changed my life for the better and I 10/10 recommend it for everyone. There is something very therapeutic about writing everything that is living inside of you. The clean, empty spaces in your notes seem like an invitation for you to understand the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you handle different circumstances in this world. Journaling is a way for you to look back one day and see how much you have evolved as a person. It will be a proof that you survived your toughest days. The words that you wrote will be an inspiration for you to keep going.

3. Working out every day.

I used to hate people who talk so much about health and fitness. But recently, I’ve realized that if there is one obvious thing that makes me different from them, it is that they look happier than I am. Apparently, when you do exercise, your body releases this thing called endorphins which happens to be the chemicals that help you be happy or whatever. So I tried working out for a few days just to check if it’s true, and girl, have I been feeling lighter and more stable lately? You bet.

4. Going out for a walk.

A good way to declutter your mind is to go out there and sync yourself with nature. By taking long walks, you get to hear your thoughts really well. You can make unbiased decisions about the little issues that bother you. The ground beneath your feet will remind you that the best things really come for free. You don’t have to necessarily fly on the opposite side of the world just to figure out how satisfied you are with your life.

5. Weeding out negative people.

If people have been scheming and talking poorly about you when you’re not around, it’s probably best that you detach yourself away from them. Nobody deserves to feel like they’re wasting their time hanging out with the wrong ones. You shouldn’t hold yourself back from going after what you want because you’re waiting for someone to catch up with you. Time plays an important role in your growth. It’s okay to separate ways with those that are only causing you to slow down.

6. Buying books and actually reading them.

Reading helps you become more sympathetic. It’s a chance for you to know and experience what it’s like to be in somebody else’s shoes. It provides you with valuable information that you can use in the future or even in your day-to-day life. It’s nice to sit down, drink a cup of tea or coffee, and do nothing but read. Life doesn’t always have to be wild and crazy. Sometimes you also have to learn how to calm your mind and be still.

7. Allowing yourself to eat the food that you want.

There are better ways to lose those extra pounds other than starving yourself. You aren’t going to live for eternity and I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to look back someday regretting the times that you deprived yourself of good foods. Go ahead and stuff your face with that meal that you want. Give yourself a break and have a cheat day. There is a time afterward to burn those calories. But right at this moment, allow yourself to satisfy your cravings.

8. Accepting that some things just don’t work.

You can like somebody so bad but if they don’t feel the exact same way, what’s the point of chasing them? The right person will smoothly sweep into your life. Stop banging your knuckles on the doors that won’t open. Some things just don’t work. And the sooner you accept that truth, the more chances you have in finding someone who can actually fall in love with you.

9. Defining what’s important to you.

You will not be blindsided by anything or anyone once you have a concrete idea of what truly matters to you in this world. Your priorities are your guide when the road in front of you is fuzzy. Life may bring you to different places but if you know who you are, you will never be lost. Nobody will be able to take away your voice or even silence you. And no fear can shake up your foundation.

10. Having quiet time.

Maybe the reason why you can’t think straight is that you’re afraid to tune out the noise around you and just be alone with your thoughts. It’s true that confronting your problems is hard. But if you keep running away from the devils that haunt you at night, you will never feel one hundred percent at ease in your life. Embrace the quiet times that you get once in a while and use it as an opportunity to solve some issues from your past. Learn how to be okay on your own. Because in the end, the only one who can truly help you and save you is you. TC mark