when you have a feeling but not the words for it

7 Overwhelming Emotions You’ve Probably Felt Before But Couldn’t Put In To Words

1. The feeling of “nodus tollens.”

The realization that the overall idea of your life doesn’t make all that much sense to you anymore. And just when you thought you were headed in the right direction, you keep losing focus on where to go next. And sometimes you find yourself ending up in unfamiliar places that you don’t really understand.

2. The feeling of “liberosis.”

The strong desire to care less about everything in your life. You want to loosen the tight grip you’ve always kept on your life. You sense a rejuvenating feeling of finally letting go of any doubt, fear, and anxiety. You feel the need to stop letting other people control your destiny, and finally take control of it for yourself. A liberating sensation of setting yourself free from any outside judgement of the person who you are and the person you want to become.

3. The feeling of “avenoir.”

The desire to recreate or relive a past moment, memory, or feeling. And even though you are fully aware that life only can move forward, you are stuck facing the wrong direction. You appreciate where it is you came from, but you’re uncertain of where to go next. The past has caught up with you, and you long for the life you used to live. And it makes the future seem scary and overwhelming to you.

4. The feeling of “heartworm.”

The feeling of having another person’s memory stuck in your head, and you can’t figure out why. You feel like somebody from your past has left you with some sort of lingering “unfinished business”. The relationship with that person might have faded long ago, but it’s now resurfacing once again. And it’s making you question everything.

5. The feeling of “pâro.”

The feeling that even when you try your very best, it’s still never enough. You feel like you’re constantly falling short of everyone’s expectations, including your own. The bitter feeling that every single attempt to make your life a little bit easier always seems to end in failure. And you can’t figure out why that is.

6. The feeling of “keyframe.”

The feeling of remember a specific moment from the past that seemed to be insignificant at the time, but suddenly emerges as an epiphany. The feeling that one single moment had moved you into a new era of your life. The feeling of excitement basking in the unknown. The sudden feeling of launching into the future and never looking back again.

7. The feeling of “gnossienne.”

The feeling of knowing a certain someone from a lengthy amount of time, and coming to the realization that you still have absolutely no idea who they actually are. This person is excellent at hiding who they truly are. And they have another side to them which you’ve never explored before. It intrigues you. The feeling of a strong desire to finally explore them, but knowing it’ll be nearly impossible to do so. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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