Why Men Who Marry Feminists End Up The Happiest

Why Men Who Marry Feminists End Up The Happiest

Feminism is probably not what you think it is. The word – and the movement – have been distorted and warped in a million different directions. It is simply the belief that men and women are equal human beings and should be treated as such. That said, everyone should be a feminist, but we have a long way to go.

The guys who end up loving feminists are the best men around. They often identify as feminists themselves. Because they are comfortable with the term, and with their own masculinity, they truly appreciate and celebrate the inherent beauty of the womanhood of their partners. They are not intimidated by female strength and empowerment. Feminists love them back because they know that they will never have to rein in their true selves around these men.

So why marry a feminist? Marry her because she owns who she’s become and where she started. Her journey to the proud acceptance of her divine feminine was not an easy one but she pushed ahead anyway. Marry her because she knows what she wants and when she chooses a partner it’s a deliberate decision. If she’s picked you, understand that it’s not something she takes lightly. Feminists love more deeply than you can ever imagine. They know that finding a person who celebrates them for their courage, individuality, and grit is not a given.

Marry her because she’s got a wicked sense of humor and she’ll make you belly laugh when you least expect it. Her wit developed from the need for lightness in her life. She’s had so much heavy shit to deal with that she had to bring some silliness into the mix. She doesn’t take herself, or anything else, too seriously. There’s no time for that.

She’ll make you the happiest you’ve ever been because she is your equal partner in all things. Not only will she love you fiercely, but her dedication to her own goals and ideals will also inspire and motivate you in your personal endeavors. She accepts you fully for who you are. She gives back to you exactly what she expects – respect, devotion, dedication, honesty, and happiness.

Her feminism allows her to not only embrace herself as she is but to celebrate herself for it. This, in turn, gives her the freedom to joyfully spread love to everyone and everything around her. You are the closest person to her, the person who gets the best and brightest of her shine. Her zest for her everyday existence is intoxicating. Like it or not, you too will get caught up in her strong appreciation for the gifts she’s given. She knows that each day is a blessing, and she knows that you too are a blessing.

She sees exactly who you are and instead of finding fault or criticizing, she simply loves you. She loves you for all the quirks and idiosyncrasies that make you unique. To her, there is no such thing as a character flaw. Her power lies in accepting herself and everyone else at face value.

You can’t help but smile around her. She’s an infectiously blissful human. Rather than wasting her time with negativity and gossip, she spends it uplifting those around her, whether they identify as male, female, or something else entirely.

Most importantly, she holds herself to a high standard and will inspire you to be your best. She’s your equal and she wants to walk alongside you through a fulfilling, happy, meaningful life. Every day she strives to fuel your ambitions because your happiness is as important as her own. You feed off each other in the most beneficial way possible. You hold each other through the pain and spark laughter despite the tears. Life is not an easy journey – choose a feminist to share it with you. She’ll always have your back and she trusts that you have hers. She cherishes the fact that you celebrate her for who she is, and in return, she will bless you with the beauty of her singular, powerful love.

Marry her because she is a fucking warrior queen with unbridled passion for the world. She’ll give you more joy than you ever thought possible. Make sure you never take her for granted, and you’ll bask in the precious happiness of a feminist partnership. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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