Read This When It Feels Like You’ll Never Find Love

He’s out there.

The one you think can’t possibly exist. The one who sees you for exactly who you are and loves you all the more for it. The one who makes you laugh until you cry and then turns around and gives you shivers down your spine. The one for you.

He is kind, he is strong, he is mindful, and he is emotionally intelligent. He tells the truth, but he also wants nothing more than to give you happiness. He explains exactly how he feels. He keeps nothing from you. Being around him is the easiest and most natural thing in the world.

He’s your person, and he’s out there.

Don’t give up hope. Keep growing. Keep expanding. You truly may not be ready to meet him at this moment in time. He may not be ready for you yet either. Know that the two of you are separately, beautifully developing so that when you come together neither of you screw it up. Keep the faith alive.

Don’t focus so singly on finding him, either. You’re going about it all backward. The problem is you’re impatient, afraid he’ll never materialize at all. If you grasp at anyone who seems remotely adequate, you’ll never find the one you seek. Look inward – there’s the key to your future, your happiness, and your destiny. Know and trust that when you devote your time to becoming the best version of yourself, only then does the possibility of true love present itself.

And then, when you’re ready, there he’ll be. You may not even realize it, but he’ll show up for you when you least expect it. It will feel so simple, so intuitive, you may have a tough time believing it’s possible. It’s too good to be true, you’ll think. It’s never worked out before, why should it now? Fight your fears. Fight your doubt. Listen to your gut when it tells you that he’s the person you’ve been waiting for because your brain might sabotage you.

You’ll know because, for the first time, dating someone doesn’t make you anxious. You don’t feel like you have to pretend to be another person or always present your best self. He’ll never make you worry that you’re not enough … or too much. When he tells you that he thinks you’re beautiful, he means it. He isn’t trying to get anything out of you. He just wants to express his feelings because he’s a genuinely good human.

He accepts you as you are, but he is unafraid to offer his perspective, and he expects no less from you. You are his equal counterpart, not his missing piece but the partner he’s wanted to walk by his side through this life. Just as you’ve been longing for him all this time, he’s stayed strong and never lost focus on what he truly needed until he found it – you.

It’s up to you to do the same. It won’t always be easy, but it’s worth it. That sounds trite but it’s absolutely true. You’ll never be happy if you settle for something less than your match. He’s out there. He exists. Believe it, and keep on living every day fully on your own. It’s not about waiting until he’s in your life. It’s about creating an amazing world for yourself now so that when he does come into it, you recognize him for exactly who he is.

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