person holding white and green frog figurine

For The Loved Ones Who Left Us A Little Too Soon

I would like you to know that there isn’t a day that passes by where your memory is not lingering at the back of my mind. In my heart, there is a place reserved just for you. Some nights, I lay in bed hoping that the world will be kind enough to let me meet you again as I drift off to sleep. Oh, what a sweet dream that would be. I ask, Where in the world you might be? Perhaps the dancing trees or the cold breeze that washes over me on a hot day. A helping hand in times of need. I’d like to think you’re somewhere watching over me, because you see, I look for you in the deepest seas.

They’ve said count once, or twice, or thrice, and you’ll find that time heals. On some days, my heart is doing okay. But there are times when I crave your touch. And there are times where I crave your mind and all the conversations we used to have. And there are other times where I miss seeing my phone ring with your name. And there are times and times where I miss you just there right in front of me.

I learned to sing myself a sweet lullaby that no matter where you are, I’ll hold you close to my heart. On the days it hurts, I’ll reach deep into my soul to revive every bit of you that I have tattooed on my heart. On the days it hurts, I’ll write to you. On the days it hurts, I’ll try to be around someone you loved and who loved you just like I did.

I have known for a long time that some people leave this earth while some stay a little longer, but I was never ready for it. I don’t think anyone’s ever ready for it when it comes to those they love. No one is ready for the void, the grief, the endless questions, and the strength they need to build up to get through it all.

But I’d go through it all knowing you have touched my heart, that we intertwined our souls, that you were once beside me in every sense of the word. I would go through it all, because where there was great love, there is great loss. I would go through it all knowing there is a heavy price to pay, because over the years, I have learned that you never really left me, because when you love someone like that, it’s impossible for them to ever die.