Netflix's 'Always Be My Maybe' Has The Relationship Advice You Need Right Now

Netflix’s ‘Always Be My Maybe’ Has The Relationship Advice You Need Right Now

Ali Wong and Randall Park successfully combine hilarity with modern romance in Always Be My Maybe, the latest rom-com released on Netflix. Although the two main characters end up together, it takes them over 30 years to get there after facing obstacles both men and women face when it comes to opening yourself up in a relationship. Sasha (Ali Wong) feared to reveal her crush while Marcus (Randall Park) was afraid to be vulnerable, especially after his mother passes away. Both Sasha and Marcus were too focused on building up a shield of protection rather than opening themselves up to the other. We’re all scared, and sometimes that fear is exactly what ends up hurting the people we care about, which is exactly what happened with Sasha and Marcus. No matter your gender here’s some relationship advice, you can take away from Always Be My Maybe:

Don’t be afraid of what scares you

What scares ultimately holds us back until it doesn’t. Say the thing you don’t want to say. Don’t walk but run past your boundaries because it is the path less traveled with the destination worthwhile. We all know fear but when we’re able to move past those fears and travel outside of our comfort zone, we reach a place with a starting point of possibility. Each gender is afraid of getting their heart broken, being rejected, or being lied to. Based on prior experience, we can all react by creating walls to shield us from future heartache. What takes so many of us so long to figure out, is that with vulnerability comes the opportunity to truly connect with someone that makes you feel the opposite fear, someone that makes you feel safe. Facing your fears just may lead you to happiness you’ve never known.

Don’t settle for what looks good on the outside

Living during the age of comparison, we rush into aligning our lives with what it appears everyone else is doing. Get married at a certain age, become a parent before the clock runs out, and market your relationships as if you were selling a product. It’s all an illusion that has only become easier to put on display. Don’t conform to what you think you’re supposed to do or what you believe everyone else is doing. The only person you need to listen to is yourself. Sasha finds herself in back to back relationships with wealthy men that are incredibly good looking, successful, and disrespectful. That’s not to say that all good looking men are impolite but sometimes what’s easily seen on the outside can distract you from what’s underneath. The cover doesn’t always match the pages. It isn’t until Sasha finds herself with Marcus, the guy that may not have the brag-worthy kind of success, who has a giant and kind heart with pure intentions towards Sasha. Genuine intent is what is worth waiting for. You’re on your own timeline with guidelines created by you and only you. When you search for a relationship with a primary motive to impress others, your output will reflect that input.

Follow what jazzes you up and share it with people

Sasha has her restaurants while Marcus has his band. Without comparing the assumed success of either, what Sasha’s cooking and Marcus’s music both have in common is that they are a reflection of their passions. Their excitement about expressing what makes them happy comes naturally and is contagious. That authenticity motivates them to cheer each other on. Follow yourself and support the people you care about. Project the energy you want in your life.

Don’t let fear prevent you from connecting with someone worthwhile. Don’t stand in the way of your own happiness. Love yourself and love those around you courageously. Be brave, be authentic, and be passionate with your relationships and your life.

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