Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes You Laugh

Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes You Laugh

Do you like laughing? Well, Adam Devine’s latest comedy special “Best Time Of Our Lives” has hit Netflix and does not disappoint. Adam reminds us that he’s the little one from Workaholics and Pitch Perfect although his personality is anything but small. His intense energy pushes through the screen with hilarious jokes, a giant smile, loud noises, and outrageous facial impressions that’ll make you laugh out loud over and over again.

He pokes fun at himself, joking about how he was recently in a bar fight. He clarifies that he was in a bar, where a fight broke out nearby. He immediately ran, what he described as “aerodynamically fast.” Unafraid to expose his fear combined with his contagious laugh just reminds you of how vital a sense of humor really is.

Looks can only take a person so far and always have a end point. They work best on initial reactions but rarely stand alone long -term. Looks can help at first, but connecting with an authentic personality is what can make a relationship worth having.

Adam Devine has made us laugh for years because his natural talent has been pushed front and center from the honesty to be himself. The more gender stereotypes have started to transform, it’s awfully refreshing for a man to wear transparency that is confident enough to laugh at himself a little bit. Men are traditionally expected to wear a macho-man type of attitude limits only them.

In humor, we find a truth that makes it that much easier to be ourselves. Adam may poke fun at his height, or bring up the fact that he’s cried in front of a girl that cheated on him, but by finding the joy in what some may view as embarrassing cancels out any discomfiture whatsoever. When you act like yourself, you allow others to do the same, and that vulnerability will enable people to feel comfortable doing so.

So find a guy that makes you laugh with the confidence to be vulnerable. Find a weirdo that embraces your weirdness that naturally keeps every part of you smiling. There is no higher remedy than laughter, and there is nothing more attractive than a sense of humor because both have the longevity to keep you in a fulfilling relationship.

Find yourself a guy like Adam Devine, to share jokes with.

It’s better to have someone to laugh with.

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