10 Ways To Jonathan Van Ness Your Relationship With Yourself

10 Ways To Jonathan Van Ness Your Relationship With Yourself

It’s 2019, and Jonathan Van Ness is here to project positive energy into every facet of your life. JVN reminds us that self-acceptance and self-love is a choice that comes with effort. That effort must remain constant to keep us moving forward into an evolving state.

Here are ten ways JVN inspires each and every one of us to nourish the most important relationship of all, the relationship we have with ourselves:

1. Learn to love the skin you’re in

Perhaps loving your imperfections is easier said than done, but that’s the point. It’s a choice that you have to make to not compare what you see online or television and grow to love every unique part of you. When we learn to love the skin we’re in, we learn to want to take care of ourselves while inspiring others to do the same, universally spreading acceptance through actions.

2. Share your story with the world

Go and tell your story. We all have a voice that often goes unused. Each and every one of us has something to say so go and have a conversation that allows others to not only learn from you but more importantly, to relate and connect. Our stories are much more similar than we think, including the not so glamorous depictions filled with raw details that may be difficult for someone to share. But your story is worth telling, and your voice deserves to be heard. Share your truth because it always finds its way out, one way or another.

3. Swallow up shade with sunshine

You don’t have a moment to spare for negative energy. Smile, and make an effort to not return negative energy with the same input. It takes practice, but get in the habit of canceling out negative actions with positive ones.

4. Keep it real

Don’t fake any part of your self for anyone. Pretending implies that you’re trying to cover something up. There is nothing wrong with your most natural self. Stay true to what you believe and remember that changing on the inside doesn’t require you to make a change on the outside.

5. Explore your interests

JVN is a master hairdresser, skincare extraordinaire, ice skater, podcaster, television personality and now a stand-up comedian. Don’t stop exploring what interests you. Keep fighting to find things you love until you’re doing things you love.

6. Nourish the parts of you that aren’t flourishing

It’s easy to ignore what you naturally want to avoid. Look at yourself from an honest place and through self-acceptance comes self-care. Nourish what needs to be nourished, and balance will find you.

7. Shut down self-doubt

You’ve got this. Not one person is free of self-doubt, but the ones that succeed are the ones that learn to push through. Self-doubt debilitates you as long as you allow it to.

8. Find your outlet

Whether it’s working out, writing, creating art, or volunteering, find what projects positive energy out into the universe and brings wellness to your life.

9. Don’t be afraid to say no

Do not be scared to turn down a party, say not to a project, or say no to a group dinner with friends. Listen to your intuition by protecting the energy you have. Take care of yourself today so that tomorrow you’ll want to say yes.

10. Discover your confidence

Get excited about getting excited. Discovering the many intricacies of yourself that push you to find the courage that can spread to others. Through learning acceptance you’ll find your confidence.

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