I Am Not A ‘Dating App’ Kind Of Girl

As we’ve moved forward with technology, I can’t help but question if the progression warrants the rapid pace. We’ve evolved with time but as the digital world advances our reality diminishes. When our primary focus falls in being present within a digital realm, we lose core instincts that help us not only survive but that allows us to connect. Today, communication is edited and perfected tactfully in advance. Natural and spontaneous is becoming a thing of the past as dating applications have turned relationships into a lengthy and tiring application process.

Our desire is pure as we naturally crave love and connection. Experiences give us a taste while film and television exaggerate our expectations. We all know we want it, but it’s difficult for so many of us to find it, while even harder to hold onto.

The need has only grown as any version of a relationship is now broadcasted, streamed, and even marketed on social media. As comparison increases astronomically, the competition follows for those in and outside of a relationship.

The more we strayed away from in-person communication, the more we sunk into our devices. Our devices listened, and we created dating applications. Dating has evolved into an interview process with growing pre-requisites.

Dating applications claim to help find your perfect match simultaneously making your first interaction forced, unnatural, and potentially misleading. Scrolling for love on a device lessens the experience and lowers the odds of finding something organic. Profiles are exaggerated while photos are edited. Communication is organized so that you can quickly move effortlessly through a never-ending pool of options. But by trying to rush through a pile of dating profiles, we’re left with a response that reflects the same effort put in.

With the number of people utilizing dating applications, of course, it’ll work for some, as a small percentage of several. But I don’t think it works for the majority. I know it doesn’t work for me.

I wasn’t made for dating applications.

·       I was made to be approached out in public and make those next choices in real time.

·       I was made to start a conversation with people I find appealing

·       I was made to experience the growing excitement that comes with gradually learning about someone and discovering things I like.

·       I was made trusting the universe and allowing things to unfold naturally.

·       I was made to speak for myself knowing that no one, not even a dating application can express everything that I need to say.

·       I was made to date people that want to date me after meeting me.

·       I was made to trust my decisions.

·       I was made to value my instinct.

·       I was made to find what’s worth finding.

·       I’m excited to find what’s worth finding.

Be thoughtful with who you share yourself with. Every detail about you is exceptional, and it deserves to be matched with that. Anything worthwhile never comes by rushing. May you put your focus on the here and now and may you start interacting with those who are doing the same.

You just may find someone important. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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