Why Uncertainty Means You're Sure He's Not The One

Why Uncertainty Means You’re Sure He’s Not The One

You rationalize until you’re blue in the face. You give everything you have, and then you give a little more. You wear your heart on your sleeve while it gets shattered right before your eyes, falling to the ground. You silence your instinct even when it raises its voice. You no longer recognize hesitation while you ignore your uncertainty. You avoid clarity in hopes of a different outcome; the outcome you envision where everything works itself, and he changes his mind, he screams from the rooftops that he chooses you, and you’re happy.

But even when things do work out, they don’t, not the way you imagine anyways. Obstacles are constant but conquerable from a strong foundation of honesty. There’s no room for mixed signals that push second-guessing yourself while demeaning your intuition.

If you’re unsure about him, you’re sure about him. If you’re undecided, you have your decision.

If you’re doubtful, you’re full of doubt, creating an unhealthy imbalance within your mind. You have the power to choose, so use your internal strength. Listen to the parts of you that are trying to get through to you. Be sure of yourself because you deserve the credit.

Your love deserves to be shared with someone who deserves it. You deserve that.

Your instinct deserves recognition. By recognizing this part of you, you’ll grow with knowledge, the knowledge that will lead you into relationships that are worthy of your glowing energy.

Take care of your relationships by taking care of yourself. Think of yourself and choose people that choose you. There’s no uncertainty to be found with openness.

Take risks but don’t get taken advantage of. You deserve the love you so powerfully share and anything less than that is unworthy. You are worth a relationship you’re sure of.

The elevation of your love earns to be matched so don’t lower yourself to match standards that align below, with someone else. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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