He’s Not Worth Texting Back If He’s Doing Any Of These 5 Things


Texting: the preferred method of communication for most young people.

Personally, I hate it. If I meet a new guy and we start a conversation through text, I hand my phone over to one of my friends. If you’re a guy and I’ve texted you it most likely wasn’t me. I prefer the old school communication, the in-person real life type of shit. There are all these rules and thousands of different ways to read into a text, punctuation marks, and length of time in between responses. I think it’s a crock of shit, although many of us choose to play into all of the games.

Over the years I’ve chosen to not answer a text and I’ve also had a guy not answer my text. After many instances of denying others and also being denied myself, I’ve come up with a number of reasons to why you aren’t getting a text back.

1. He’s busy.

So he’s not glued to his phone. You shouldn’t be either. Of course, it’s great when you both are free and have that extra time to continue the conversation back and forth. However, you shouldn’t assume the other person is on the same schedule as you. The other person might not have the time to sit there and talk with you back and forth. If he wants to talk to you, though, he will answer eventually. If he doesn’t, then it is because of at least one of the additional reasons below.

2. He doesn’t know how to respond.

Maybe you’ve asked a question he doesn’t know how to answer. Perhaps he doesn’t like where the conversation had headed and he doesn’t know how to divert. Not knowing what to say or how to say it may default into a non-response. The thing with texting is that you have the option to not respond right away, even if you look at it. The other person has no way of knowing unless you’re one of those weirdos that willingly leaves their “read receipt” on.

3. He doesn’t want to respond.

He doesn’t feel like talking to you. This is an obvious sign he’s just not that into you so listen to it. Perhaps he’ll shoot you a text during the late hours on a Friday or Saturday night. Don’t let this confuse you. Guys will sleep with you, almost always. Don’t confuse sex with actual communication and interest. If he’s not responding, you have no reason to be interested.

4. He forgot.

So he didn’t have the time to answer you, got super busy, and then forgot about answering you. It is very possible. However, that’s still not an excuse to rationalize hope. If he forgets you he still doesn’t like you. Guys don’t forget girls they like. If a guy wants to talk to you, you will know undoubtedly and he will talk to you.

5. He wants to fuck with you.

Very possible he’s a part of the little bitch movement. He enjoys playing the game of denying the girl only to invite her back in. He enjoys the back and forth and believes it makes him more desirable. He doesn’t have feelings for you and he doesn’t have any genuine interest in you. He gives a half-ass effort at communicating. You are a game that he keeps on the backburner. You wouldn’t want your friend wasting time on someone like this, right?

So you don’t want that for yourself either.

Although it can be a number of these reasons or a combination, the fact remains the same. The hard truth is that there is no hope with this guy. He is just not that into you. Maybe he’s a little into you. But even if it is just a little, that will eventually diminish into not at all. Besides, you don’t want someone that’s not completely into you. Look at the reality of the situation. Don’t try and rationalize with excuses in order to bypass your feelings of disappointment.

He’s not texting you back so you have to reason to even want to text him. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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