How To Date A Virgo


The Virgo (born August 23 to September 22), is the most workaholic sign out of all the signs in the zodiac, so don’t be surprised if on your date, your Virgo wants to talk about work, work, and more work. Virgos usually have lots of projects going on, and they love to talk about them, because they put so much dedication into everything they do, from their big office presentation to taking a selfie. It’s all a big thing with Virgos.

It’s because Virgos are very exacting, which means they can also be very critical. In fact, you should just rely on the Virgo to pick the place for your date, as anything you come up with won’t work for them. And they love making plans and getting details right, so they’ll be secretly happy to pick the place. Virgos also tend to hate surprises, which is another reason why they’ll want to take control. If you make the plans, be prepared for a series of questions about where you’re going, when, and for how long.

Yes, Virgos can be picky. They’re not quite Sally in When Harry Met Sally… picky, but like Sally, they love the details. On your date, be sure to ask the Virgo for lots of details. Also ask them about their workout routine. Virgos think it’s very important to work out and likely belong to a gym. They’ll be sure to tell you how many squats they did that morning, and how many people saw them do said squats.

Virgos also love to analyze things, so a good date for your Virgo may be a movie, play, or show of some kind. Then afterwards you can pour over it and the Virgo will tell you everything they liked and didn’t like, down to what the performers were wearing. And they’ll be honest with their critiques, which is why if you ever need good advice, ask a Virgo. They won’t screw with you – they’ll be real with you.

Good hygiene is also important to Virgos, more so than the other signs. Don’t show up on your date in ratty sweatpants and a stained T-shirt (although you shouldn’t do this with any sign, unless it’s a Scorpio; they’ll be a wreck in some form anyway. Am I right, fellow Scorps? Heh? Ahhh, come on.)

Note: Any Virgos reading this were no doubt subconsciously scanning it for typos. That’s the power of the Virgo for ya! Always let them proofread your essays. I’m trusting a Sagittarius with proofreading, so let’s hope that goes well. And no, “proofreading” is not a euphemism. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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