How To Date A Pisces

image - Flickr / Rromir Imami
image – Flickr / Rromir Imami

The Pisces (born February 19 – March 20) is known as one of the more mysterious of the zodiac signs. Pisces have a lot of feelings. I asked my friends which one of them was Pisces and one of them exclaimed, “Right here, with ALL THE FEELINGS!” so that should tell you something.

Actually going on a date with a Pisces is easy, since they like to go with the flow, but communicating with a Pisces on a date can be a little harder – what, with all those feelings. They’re also very compassionate. Personally, I believe that Pisces have a harder time letting go of exes, because of this compassion. Don’t be alarmed if your Pisces talks about their ex on a date – it’s not because they’re not having a good time with you – they just like to display their nostalgia up front, like a booth at a flea market. They’re also very sensitive, so don’t ever tell a Pisces to “shut the fuck up” unless you want them to swim out of your life.

I say, “swim” because Pisceans are very water heavy signs. Their watery element means they can be emotional and unpredictable, but they’re also pretty easy-going. They like to be kind. You can always count on a Pisces to do you a favor; just don’t expect them to do it right away. But they’ll do it.

For your Pisces date, plan a super romantic dinner. Pisceans have a soft spot for romance. Some display this more outwardly than others, but I’ve never met a Pisces that didn’t appreciate a great meal in a swoon-worthy candle lit restaurant. Make them feel truly valued on their date, like they’re the Silver Monkey in Legends of the Hidden Temple – and like that monkey, Pisces often seem difficult to put together. This is also because Pisceans tend to be a little shyer than the other signs. So if you’re also shy, this is going to be an awkward date. Be confident. Put your Pisces at ease. Talk about Piscean things, like dreams, hopes, and wishes – including the wish to not accidentally break yet another cell phone.

The Pisces will probably drop some food or spill some drink on their brand new outfit during your date; to make them feel at home, throw a pie in your face or pour a latte down your pants. Just little things like that. And hey, at least they’re not perfectionists! They’re not going to rake you over the coals if you screw something up.

After your meal, go to a movie. Pisceans love escapism. Pixar movies especially, or movies were people get hit in the groin, repeatedly.

Far from being the proverbial square peg in a square hole, a Pisces is more like a square peg that has been dropped into an incredibly friendly bowl of oatmeal. Pisceans are some of the kindest bunch you’ll ever meet. You could easily take advantage of a Pisces’s friendliness, so don’t. They’ll probably offer to pay for dinner and the movie and for your dry cleaning bill after they spill soda in your lap. Accept the dry cleaning bill, or they’ll feel bad. Pisceans are really good at feeling really bad.

If you’re ever stuck on your date, just ask them about their dreams. I mean their literal dreams. Pisceans love to talk about their dreams and their nightmares. Let them go on and on and smile. Then trip over yourself and watch them laugh. Oh, Pisces! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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