To The Girl Who Has Always Been By My Side (I’m Always Here For You Too)

Tamara Menzi
Tamara Menzi

This isn’t your typical love letter.

It’s not going to start with an expression of feelings and filled with metaphors to explain how much I love you. It’s not going to explain how when you’re hurting, I feel it on the same level. That when you cry, I hold mine in because right now you need me to be the strength even though usually it’s you. This letter isn’t going to tell you how hopelessly in love with someone I am because this isn’t that kind of love.

This is for the person, my person, who manages to be there no matter what.

The girl who has literally picked me up off the floor and told me to get my shit together. The best friend that manages to continuously be there for me even though she’s millions of miles away. The girl who holds everything together without letting people see her struggle. And while right now she’s struggling, she is one of those people who can manage to keep it together. So when it’s late at night and she feels the pain start to spread across her chest, she lets it out but only so no one else can see.

How this girl manages to see right through me every time I tell her I’m fine. Or somehow manages to know exactly when I’m in the most pain, I’ll never know. I’ll never know how she is continuously right and cuts the bullshit out of every story that I’m telling myself.

But to the girl that keeps everything in for a fear of looking weak, let it out. Let it go. Let someone else be there for you when you’re suffering. Let yourself explain to everyone that right now, things aren’t perfect. That even though you like everything to be pretty and tied together with a bow, that it’s OK that you need a little extra love.

I can see it that right now you think that you’re not going to be OK again. That you’re fighting to remember a time when everything was easy. A time when you could tell people not to worry about you. When you knew in your heart of hearts that you were always going to be OK because you’ve got this. You have managed to keep things together in the darkest of hours and have gotten through things that many of us wouldn’t.

And people have called you boring. Have told you that you’ve played it safe. That you aren’t adventurous. But if they only knew. If they only knew that perception isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. That you have fought for everything you have. That you are the strength for a lot of people. That you may seemingly have played it safe but you hide your scars and you hide them well.

Let me tell you something, if there’s anyone in this world that I strive to be like, it’s you.

And right now things don’t feel right. They feel convoluted and scary. But I know this, you will overcome whatever obstacle that stands in your way. And while the belief you have in yourself is wavering, know that belief that I have in you is sound.

So even though you’re the one constantly seeing right through me and calling me on my bullshit, I’m about to do the same. Because you need me, even when you’re trying so hard to hold back from telling me. Even though we’re worlds apart, you need to know that I’m here. I’m always here.

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