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How To Navigate A Facebook Morality Attack

Maybe you really truly want to bring someone to her senses. Maybe, deep down, you really truly believe you’re saying what everyone else is thinking, or, more so, need to be thinking if they plan on sleeping at night/living with themselves. Who knows what you think other people ought to believe better than you, right?

Love Is What You Hate

I don’t think it’s what you like, or even what you’re like that really bonds two people. Instead it’s what you don’t like and what you aren’t like provide a stronger cohesive. You won’t always be able to go hiking or skiing or to the movies or a concert via time or energy or finances or whatever else. But you’ll always be able to fall back on the compatibility of your reactions.

How You Lose A Friend To Love

Breaking up isn’t hard to do, but losing a friend is. Breaking up has the same remedy every time: you wallow, you come out of it, and you stumble on. Sex and dates and inside jokes and being unable to take your eyes off someone else’s are eventually all just facsimiles. But a friend is independent of those repetitions.

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