This Is How You Inspire Me

David Morgan

What inspired you?

I’m ruminating on what inspired you, and my mind wanders through the pristine blue skies, rivers, and paths that I’ve traveled in the pursuit of finding renewed inspiration. I am inspired by travel, the people I meet, the places I reach, and the lessons I learn. And yet, I return home with only enough inspiration to jot down my thoughts and proceed with the tedium of my life.

In random abandon, I have chosen company over silence, silence over answers, and answers over questions. I am inspired by how the most crucial questions never have answers, how answers are weaker than silence, and how it’s so easy to feel fettered and liberated by the same company at different points in time.

The marvels of your dreams – I often wonder, what made you the dreamer that you are? It takes a beautiful mind to conceive thoughts the way you do; admirable courage to make them come true. When I think of your seemingly effortless inspiration, I am reminded of the times I coerce myself to feel inspired by the restlessness that muddles the intermittent lack of it.

Watching you, I am reminded of all the dreams that emerged by being inspired. They ambled beneath the composure that regulates my life. At times, I often peruse the consequences of letting them erupt from the familiar facade. I mostly think I’ll be mystified, but I preserve those dreams as journeys that I will embark on when the time is right.

Then I see you, daring to dream, daring to believe, and daring to act. My heart swells with pride and happiness as I watch you cross the finish line. Transcending the contentment – something that we often fear – is perhaps a necessary risk we need to take sometimes. In the little and big things that inspired you, you realized that the only race that you need to win is the race against time, which inevitably comes with a deadline.

It’s true that little things inspire us. And inspiration will never be achieved under stress. It surrounds us every day, if only we scrutinize our surroundings more closely.

I have a sneaking feeling that overcoming your consternation was the first step toward actualizing your dreams. For me, it’s the first step towards being inspired to chase my dreams.

The next time, seeking inspiration will be simple. I’ll just think of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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