There’s Never A ‘Right Time’

I think that a lot of us wait around on life not out of laziness, but out of fear. The truth is (that I believe a lot of us would like to ignore) that there is never going to be a “right” time for anything. There’s never going to be a right time to start a family, there’s never going to be a right time to go back to school, there’s never going to be a right time to start that business or embark on your dream job. Why is there never a right time? Simply put, life is for the living. It does not care how many bills you have, it does not care about your illnesses, and it absolutely does not care if you are ready. So stop waiting on the right time because there will never be one.

Timing is everything…and nothing at all.

Chances are is that due to this fear of timing, you are making up a myriad of excuses:

“Oh well I just wanted to wait until I got my new job to try that,” “I’ll move when my family is ready (if you’re a grown adult then you can move when you want),” or “I can’t start the job I want now because that would mean starting over, but maybe when the time is right.” All of those excuses are fear talking. When I think of “right timing” talk I think there is that notion that you are waiting for your life to be idyllic before you can make those monumental choices. Realistically, that will never happen. Your bills will still exist, you will still have your personal demons, and many of your same problems will carry on into your next big life choices. So why not take a leap of faith and allow yourself to grow with this new opportunity? Sometimes timing is everything and sometimes it’s nothing at all.

Change is painful. Do it anyway.

Chances are this life choice will bring change. Humans love routine and change can be scary. However, it is necessary because it brings personal growth that we wouldn’t have if we just stayed in the same place. Change is overbearing, but you know what is even more daunting? Not trying. As the old saying goes “You’ll never know if you never try.”

Enjoy your journey.

If you are reading this then I hope this has inspired you to reach inside yourself and take a leap of faith. You are truly capable and deserving to get anything in life that you choose to go and get. I encourage you to enjoy the journey because while life’s timing will never be right, you are.

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