8 Poems To Remind You To Be Strong In Love

8 Poems To Remind You To Be Strong In Love


How many times I wish
I had just said, “No, we
are not on the same
page – I’ve just been
jumping from my book
to yours.”


In love,
I will remember
to be a mirror
and not
a spotlight

Clearing Away

You are worth so
much more than
treating parts of your life like
unwanted items in the fridge
leaving them to rot, letting them
affect the things around it
before you finally find
reason to clear it

you are worth more than mold and

Fall For

It’s the wording
I find interesting.
That we can fall for
trickery, fall for
scams, fall for
manipulation and

And also fall for people.

Like every act is
something we would’ve
avoided had we
had a more keen eye
for deception.
Like every act is akin
to tripping on the hidden raised ledge
and skinning our knees
on concrete streets

Trusting Heart

My darling,
please be careful
with that giving,
The man who seems
straight out of
a romantic movie is
most likely
reading lines
from a script

Divine Strength

Sweet child,
all your worst fears
were realized, and yet
you lived through it, lived
to tell the tale,
now with drier eyes and
a steady voice

How can you not see that
as a superpower, as proof
of your divine strength?


How full I
when I decided
I couldn’t live
on scraps


In the space
closed off gates and
pillaged lands
you will find me
the soil, figuring
my way, determined
never to return
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