What Leo Should Expect In September 2021 (Horoscope)

A major theme during this month for you will be your finances and a great focus on making positive changes to the future. This New Moon in Virgo on the 6th allows you to reflect on the material as well as the impact it has on your home. Use this transit for learning how to feel more empowered and prepared. When the Sun moves to the sign of Libra beginning on September 22nd, it will deliver a period of growth and provide great opportunities for travel and establishing new fruitful connections. Be ready to learn more about yourself during this month.

(Keep in mind to not only read for your Sun sign but your Rising sign as well!)


Things will brighten up for you during the month of September as Venus will still be in Libra until the 10th. For the first part of the month, you are going to find schooling much easier for you thanks to Venus giving you clarity. On the 14th, Mars enters Libra, fueling your desire to learn and grow, so this is a great time to study something you are passionate about because it can be fruitful for you. Libra season will put you in the spotlight, so get ready to shine by impressing teachers or mentors.


September will bring you moments of reflection and Venus in Scorpio beginning on the 10th will have you switching gears and prioritizing your ascension to the top. You will find it easier to be more disciplined and you will be more focused on perfecting your craft. This is a month where your hard work will be noticed, especially around the end of the month. Be prepared to redo some projects once Mercury goes Retrograde beginning on the 27th.


With all the Saturn transits happening this year, you have learned a lot about what you are seeking in relationships. After this last Full Moon in August, you will find yourself to be more optimistic about your romantic prospects of the future. Single Leos will benefit from potentially meeting new potential partners during this time. With the new knowledge you have gained from the first 8 months this year, you will be putting things into action now. If you are paired up, this month will be a good one filled with love and devotion towards your partner.


This month offers plenty of chances to reconnect and to have a good time with friends either through socializing or Zoom hangouts. It will be a favorable time where you can reconnect and reminisce, especially once the Mercury Retrograde begins on the 27th, you could be surprised to see who from the past returns or who calls you out of the blue. It is also a great time to heal and forgive those who are willing to make peace if you allow it.


A period of changes and growth during September. It is a time to step back and reflect on those important people around you. While the transits impact how you view your domestic life, you will see positive changes and a need to grow thanks to the New Moon on the 6th, putting much in perspective for you. The Moon in Virgo allows us to serve and care for others, and this is your opportunity to be there for loved ones.

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