Scorpio Daily Horoscope For September 27, 2021

Today is a huge day for most signs, since Mercury will go retrograde in the sign of Libra. Much of the topics geared for everyone will pertain to relationship dynamics. Scorpios will feel more intuitive during this time. This is a good time to reconnect with yourself emotionally and to feel more comfortable discussing your feelings with people you trust. See how today’s transit will impact your sun, rising, and moon sign.


For the next several days, you are going to be a lot more focused on perfection and will opt to work alone. Since you are already in the spotlight, being more meticulous about what you create or produce will be on your mind. With the Mercury Retrograde in Libra already in full effect, you will enjoy the time to yourself and the patience needed to power through any task.


A lot of balancing is required during this period, especially with Venus already in your sign. Today adds a moment of clarity where you can discuss some important topics that have been on your mind with your partner. During these Saturn transits, you are learning a lot about compromise and listening, so put it all to good use. If you are single, today will allow you to understand the criteria you seek in a partner. Healing from past relationship hurts will be fruitful today as well.

Social Life

With the current energy in the works, you might feel more comfortable in your own space. Picking up a good book might bring more excitement than hanging out with others. You can still stay connected from the comfort of home via social media and zoom calls. Balance that time for you and the time you share with others.

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Much of your focus today will be on finding a balance, which is also one of the major themes of this Libra season. Today could feel stressful, but you can bring yourself back to feeling centered with yoga or a hobby that makes you feel happy.


Bring the calm to you today as you go at your own pace and recharge. No need to rush. You will feel a lot more comfortable surrounded by the people you love, and family will help lift your spirits during this time. Love energizes you today. Doing something fun at home, like having a movie or game night, will be enjoyable for you.

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