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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s New Moon In Cancer

The New Moon will be in the sign of Cancer beginning on July 9th, 2021. This is a two-day transit, and it will bring a lot of changes to us that will be felt for the next six months. Water signs will experience a more easy-going transit compared to the rest of us. Cardinal signs are going to see many things shifting for the next two weeks. Overall, this transit is going to allow us to connect on a deeper emotional level in all aspects of our lives.

Aries – Home is your sanctuary, and you are going to feel better retreating from the world and focusing on your own personal environment. Dive deep into your subconscious for answers. Tackle smaller problems one by one so you will not feel as frustrated if your main goal is to get many things done.

Taurus – Try not to let the emotional aspects of this transit consume you, since it can bring back flashes of the past. Keep focused and look forward. If you feel any setbacks, remember that time heals, and you are going to find your power in time.

Gemini – While you can feel an emotional need to spend, try to be financially astute during this transit. Instead, bring the focus on finding all the aspects of yourself that make you wonderful. Practice getting in touch with practices that enhance your self-love.

Cancer – The New Moon is in your sign, initiating a period of new beginnings and changes in attitude. Surrounding yourself with friends and family will make this transit even easier to handle. You have endured a lot in the last two years with Saturn’s opposition in Capricorn. For the first time, you can successfully dream big and have the drive needed to accomplish anything.

Leo – A need to go within will be prompted by this transit. Meditation can bring clarity, and these transits only serve to close chapters and awaken a part of you so that when the New Moon is in your sign, you will be driven to get ready to begin your new chapter once Leo Season begins.

Virgo – If you have felt lonely, this Moon can bring moments of happiness and some clarity. Expect a time during the next six months where your socializing skills are enhanced. New people that come into your life will show qualities you appreciate and that your friends will love.

Libra – The New Moon sets you on a new path of success and all you have to do is remind yourself of what you want and where you are going. Emotionally, you can see yourself growing more connected to your vision and will have the support needed to make it a reality.

Scorpio – The New Moon might make you feel a little impulsive. Try to bring your focus to more concrete things, like studying, finding new ways to relax, or discovering yoga. Options that bring you more peace and calm are much better than wanting to act on a whim.

Sagittarius – Memories of the past relationships might flood back into your mind, but you have the energy to release and move on. There could be a new method of thinking about your finances, so expect to restructure them during this six-month period.

Capricorn – This New Moon will impact your intimate relationships by strengthening or breaking them. You and your partner have the option to either work on things beginning now until the end of the year. Couples that have felt the positive influx of love will feel more connected to each other during this transit.

Aquarius – The New Moon reminds you to take time for yourself, to focus on improving your sleeping schedules, and become more organized with planning your day-to-day routines.

Pisces – It could be a very enlightening period for you regarding what you seek in romantic relationships. You could meet some interesting people that can set you on a path of creativity and overall joy. If you are in a relationship, this transit can make you more connected emotionally to your partner.

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