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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Venus In Cancer

Transiting Venus will be in the sign of Cancer beginning June 2 and it will remain there until June 27. While this Venus transit will be in a water sign, it will bring us some good flow of energy, since it will not be in any harsh aspects to Saturn. The flowing sextile that Venus will have with Uranus will bring out our more adventurous side where we may socialize with new people or go to parties more. Although Venus will be opposing Pluto towards the end of the transit, this energy is needed and will serve to uplift and transform us.

Aries – Expect some peace and more flare to your persona, as you will be more inclined to socialize and have a blast. It can also make you feel a little lazy, so make sure to stick to a good routine to keep yourself engaged during this time.

Taurus – Bring in enjoyment with this Venus transit, as you are in the mood to socialize and have some more fun. This period will have you going the limits, meeting people, and engaging. Surprises await for you if you manage to catch the eye of someone with great influence.

Gemini – It is your time to keep your head in the game with this transit. Be wise now with what you have and try not to get captivated by the glow of the material things that can appear tempting.

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Cancer – Venus in your sign is a great transit because it will make you feel calm. You can use your new diplomatic approach to settle conflicts and achieve peace with people that have been disputing with you. Venus will enhance your beauty and creativity.

Leo – This is a period where you will be focused on yourself as Venus sets the stage for what will come when Venus is in your sign. A great time to focus and rebuild the ego now and remember not to get lost in dramatic and pointless relationships.

Virgo – If you have felt lonely, this transit will allow you to connect with friends and family. Venus will bring a great sense of unity at work, home and/or school. Collaborative efforts will see a good influence with this transit.

Libra – The levels of attraction you have are going up with this Venus in Cancer transit. You have the ability to mystify others or win people over with your charm. Creative folks will savor this, since it will help spark some inspiration.

Scorpio – Water signs will be rejoicing with this transit, since it can bring powerful feelings to romantic relationships. Venus wants you to indulge and live it up. Single people will have greater opportunities to meet new and interesting people through social connections.

Sagittarius – Venus here might help you see the light in the darkness. It is a great time to rebuild spiritually to find your own sense of inner strength. It could also be a good time to take into account your finances and to learn about them if possible.

Capricorn – Romance is in the air with this transit, and with the influence of Uranus, this could bring a partner that is interesting and different from people you would normally attract. Venus is a reminder to have fun.

Aquarius – Venus adds another element of structure that Saturn is currently adding in your life. If you have been behind on deadlines, you will now find strategies that allow you to be more productive, and many people in positions of authority will notice.

Pisces – Your creative spirit will revel in this transit as Venus brings a friendly reminder of what you can create and achieve during this time. As a water sign, you will appreciate the flow that this transit will bring you, allowing you to feel connected to others and just flowing peacefully.

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