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This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Venus In Gemini

Venus enters the social and engaging sign of Gemini on May 8th and will stay there until June 2nd, 2021 when it moves into the adoring sign of Cancer. If you have felt out of touch or more centered with yourself, this upcoming transit has you motivated to reach out and communicate. While the Mercury Retrograde could bring some spontaneous moments, these two transits combined can allow us to move forward and accomplish a lot with patience. This could also be a good period to be more involved with networking, since everyone will be more willing to come together or just network. Venus will have favorable aspects to Saturn, reminding us of the power of commitment and patient love. Use this time to form good connections and lasting friendships.

Aries – Your words will be filled with motivation to others. Buckle up for several weeks of socializing and feeling more inspired than before. Your thoughts could be running at 100 miles per hour, so if you are burnt out, start journaling or writing more.

Taurus – The next several weeks will be reflective as Venus reminds you of what you are worth. This will be a period of hard work and positive output. Venus will be on your side to help you make more powerful financial moves that can help you in the long run.

Gemini – With Venus on your Ascendant, you might feel a lot more confident about yourself. Single folks might benefit more from this Venus transit, since all eyes will be on you. The positive thing about Venus in the same sign is that you will look wonderful with whatever you wear now.

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Cancer – Magic will be brought with Venus In Gemini. If you felt doubt and pain, this transit will bring about a sense of optimism and some joy in the most private sectors of your chart. It is fuel and preparation for the upcoming transit of Venus in your sign.

Leo – During this Venus transit, expect to feel the positive energy of this planet. Your output will be seen now as you are given the recognition you deserve. Venus also adds a little hint of glamor and charm to you, so feel free to impress everyone around you.

Virgo – Get those dreams and goals ready for action, because both Venus and Mercury are prepared to give you that boost you have been dreaming of. You have everyone’s attention now, so get going and show them what you are capable of.

Libra – Venus is going to bring the excitement here as you begin to see different perspectives. People will be charmed by what you have to say and what you do. Your passion for learning is inspiring and admirable as Venus gives you the confidence to pursue new majors in school or an apprenticeship.

Scorpio – You’ll go back in time with this Venus transit, as you might go through relationships from the past. Evaluate your standing in the present. With Mercury here, you could experience a new method of channeling your previous hurts by reading self-help books or meditation.

Sagittarius – Relationship dynamics are put to the test as Venus here brings you more options. Things could intensify with Mercury Retrograde happening in the same sign. If exes appear, it is in your best interest to move on and make peace with them (if possible). Venus here serves as a motivator to show you that you can be with people who are aligned with your goals.

Capricorn – There’s a focus on work and self-love with this Venus transit. You are going to feel more enamored with yourself, as well as your routines. Finding your passion will be imperative during this time. Take things easy if you feel overwhelmed.

Aquarius – Venus brings you many romantic options, as well as a spark of inspiration. The Mercury Retrograde in the same sign can present you with opportunities to rework and redo some projects you might have had on standby.

Pisces – Your spot at the top will be brightened with this Venus transit. A time of power and favorable connections is here. During this peaceful time, you can feel the comfort and love surrounding you. Make sure to have fun and allow yourself to feel joy in your home.

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