What Each Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Mars In Cancer

Mars is now in the sign of Cancer as of April 23rd and will remain in this sign until June 11th, 2021. This will be a powerful transit as Mars will be in a Water sign, reminding us how to navigate our emotions. Mars in Cancer will dig deep, uncovering what ticks us and will then allow us to face it. The key is not to let impatience take over, instead we should find ways to be more receptive to healing and working with our emotions. While this transit can feel heavy, it is a powerful one to begin new things since Cancer is a Cardinal sign. While Mars is in “fall” in Cancer, there are wonderful things associated with this Mars sign. We can truly focus on the things that matter. Helping others will be easier. Relationships with friends and family can strengthen, even our own romantic partnerships can benefit from this transit. What is important to us, what we honor will take center stage. So, while our emotions might run on a high, we will always be brought back home to the ones we love with this transit.

Aries – The focus now for you will move to the career sector. Be more harmonious at home since you can explode. You are going to need a balance for home and work during this transit as you could feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. A friendly reminder is not to burn out, take breaks and do things slowly. Although going “slow” is not part of the Aries repertoire, during this time, you will need to be more analytical because crashing and burning is not an option for Cardinal signs.

Taurus – Positive things are on the horizon for you with this Mars transit. If you have felt creatively stumped, this transit will have a positive sextile to your sign, allowing you to channel your energies into new endeavors with confidence and pride. The next seven weeks are going to allow you to reshape the way you plan and do things when it comes to communicating, creating and travel.

Gemini – A sigh of relief as Mars moves away from your sign and enters Cancer. You can now focus on more material and concrete things as Mars brings you more focus. The drive you felt before will be concentrated now on building and creating. Use this transit to be more financially conscious and not to let yourself be consumed by your emotions. Mars here wants you to succeed through patience and self control.

Cancer – Having Mars in your sign can bring the good and the bad. While you will feel inspired and prepared to take on the world, you can also suffer from burning out too fast if you do not pace yourself. In a water sign, you are going to feel more emotional and susceptible if you are down. A good yoga session can help release anger when you are frustrated and most importantly, bring optimism to the table. Nevertheless, this energy brings you clarity and a new method to face your fears.

Leo – Mars Will serve as an agent that will clear out everything that has been clouding your judgement. As Mars pushes closer to your ascendant, this is a rewind and a way to truly analyze the lessons you have learned in the last year. While Mars makes you less motivated here, you can still feel some highs and lows. Meditation can help you deal with holding in anger or pain. This is your moment to release.

Virgo – During this transit, you are going to feel more inclined to feel the people in your life provide help where you need it the most. This is also a great time to perfect your craft. This energy can also feel like it will be uncovering topics you might have let go. But alas, you are going to have the protection, support, and care from those around you to stay focused and feel stronger.

Libra – All eyes will be on you with this transit. Mars is going to reevaluate how you present and carry yourself for the next several weeks. You have the point of access to further expound on your successes. Make the right moves, connect with the right people, and show those in power just how good of a worker or student you are.

Scorpio – There will be friendly connections with Mars in Cancer creating a trine with your sign. You can navigate this energy seamlessly as Mars serves as inspiration to further your goals and dreams. The stage is being set with this transit as it closes into the highest point in your chart. Make sure to learn and grow so Mars’ entry in Leo can help you be more triumphant.

Sagittarius – It can feel like a whirlwind with Mars bring some of the past back to the present. As Mars digs deep into your psyche for the next seven weeks, you will be granted the option of either letting go or moving forward. While this might seem unpleasant at first, you will find the strength and courage within you before Mars enters radiant Leo.

Capricorn – With Mars now adding some flare to Cardinal signs, you might feel a sense of frustration but with patience you can climb any mountain. Mars reminds you of the important things during this time as well as the impact relationships have on you. Speak to your friends or partners if they are making things more challenging for you. How you communicate with them now will strengthen the bond and empower you.

Aquarius – Mars entering Cancer will have you more focused on your goals and accomplishments. This energy is going to push you to make changes and there could be a sense of transformation towards the end of this transit. Set your sights on big things, change up your routine and make glorious plans for the future since you have the motivation to succeed.

Pisces – This energy will be pleasant and much needed for water signs as it motivates all of you to push through ahead. You are also going to be encountering some interesting people during this time since it brings some action to your romantic life. This energy can make current relationships more exciting or bring some conflicts. Make sure to bring your diplomatic skills to the table whenever needed.

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