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What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius

Our first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 will begin on January 30, and it will go direct on February 20. This is a shift from the water sign retrogrades from the previous year, which were more emotional. In Aquarius, this is a sign that is focused on the collective. We can expect to be more contemplative during the upcoming retrogrades in air signs, which will push us to challenge our belief system. With the stellium that is currently building in Aquarius, we can expect the predominant theme for the next year to be about social changes. Below, you will see how this transit will impact each sign on an individual level. Like most retrogrades, it is a time to be patient, because impatience will get us nowhere. Understand what needs to be changed to bring more success in the future.

Aries – Miscommunications with friends are bound to happen now. This year can be quite rocky when it comes to how you connect with others. A reminder to be present when others need you. Even if you feel busy and overwhelmed, take time for yourself, and when you’re ready, reach out to friends and family.

Taurus – This Mercury transit will be centered on your career sector. Make sure to communicate with bosses or superiors. Being patient is essential for each retrograde transit, so when the kitchen gets hot, make sure to breathe in and out. Meditate if you need to.

Gemini – If you need some spiritual fulfilment now, remember to release hurts. This transit wants you to connect with your higher self, and a good way to keep focused will be to meditate or focus on reading content that interests you. Personal growth is key now.

Cancer – There will be a shift in your views revolving yourself and the dynamic you have with others. This is a good time to prepare by analyzing your debts and ways you can improve your financial stability. Try to get things sorted by the time Mercury is direct.

Leo – Make sure to be clear with what you want from others during this transit. Miscommunications can lead to conflict and misunderstandings. With Mercury and Saturn opposing your sign, it can create some frustrations in the beginning. Diplomacy and patience are key.

Virgo – Focus on what needs to be done during this transit, since the next three weeks can bring some disarray in your day to day plans. Welcome making any quick adjustments, and Saturn’s presence here will help you. If you have been slacking, this is a good time to refocus on building a good routine.

Libra – Be open to welcome some new people into your life with this transit and try to steer clear of the drama that might be motivated by miscommunications. On the flip side, this is a transit of empowerment for creatives. A time to rework a project you might have abandoned years ago.

Scorpio – Things might seem like they are getting out of hand, especially when it comes to achieving a balance with your needs and what your career demands. Trust yourself during this transit and do not be afraid to seek support from family.

Sagittarius – A good time to get things done in order with patience. This transit will create some havoc if you are not diligent with planning. Schedule things ahead of time, be aware of your planners and stay up to speed with emails.

Capricorn – Be practical with your spending habits; try to plan in advance before things get a little out of hand for you. This transit wants you to make sure you do not repeat the same mistakes in the future by creating a disciplined mantra now.

Aquarius – Try to keep cool and calm during this retrograde. An advantage is that Saturn is in your sign, promoting you to take things slower. While you revisit some old topics, make sure to tie up loose ends to minimize drama.

Pisces – During this transit you are going to be more centered on expectations. This will be the time where you wait for things to manifest. Focusing on a good daily routine can work wonders, since it will help you meet your goals and open the way for more opportunities.

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