This Is Each Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope For 2021’s Full Moon In Virgo

With so many planets forming a stellium in the sign of Aquarius, we could all use a little more Earthy energy. The Full Moon in Virgo will be here on February 27th, 2021 to add a little more balance to the scales. In Virgo, the Moon will allow us to be a little more productive, more transparent and practical. Use this transit to initiate something huge, to complete a project or just to get right with yourself. Focus on yourselves a little during this transit because the Moon and Venus opposition might leave many of us feeling a little blue. Experience the practicality of the Moon and the magic that Venus has to offer us.

Aries – Focus on bringing yourself more peace and tranquility during this transit. You might have experienced some ups and downs with Mercury Retrograde causing some drama in your love life, so this transit will be a good time to recharge and pamper yourself.

Taurus – This Full Moon will bring some excitement to your personal and romantic life. You are going to experience some love and joy during this transit. The inspiration of Venus in Pisces will add fuel to your creativity as well. It is a great time to change your outlook.

Gemini – There will be a lot of good things with this Full Moon transit as it allows you to focus on the things you need to change in your immediate environment in order to achieve a sense of balance with your career. This transit will give you focused and energized for success.

Cancer – You are in a period where you draw in some abundance and happiness. The last couple of years have prepared you for this moment. This Full Moon is going to give you the mental energy needed to craft and plan ways to better manage your time and energy.

Leo – There will be many changes that you are going to have to endure during this month. But these will have some positive effects in the long run. The Full Moon will bring you more confidence and your ideology might change. You will appreciate the things and people that matter and will not have a problem letting go after this transit.

Virgo – Finding your happy medium has been a challenge the last couple of months. The Full Moon will be in your sign which will allow you to receive the support from friends and the inspiration needed to embark on new endeavors. With the Moon in aspect to Uranus, you can experience surprises.

Libra – A much-needed transit to bring some calm during the air stellium storm. You are going to enjoy what this Full Moon transit offers since you will be more focused on your needs. While you focus on work, you can bring a new regiment that can help you be more organized and less stressed.

Scorpio – Having your friends by your side is a positive side to this transit. The grounding energy of this Virgo Full Moon will serve as a reminder of the good folks in your life. You will be more motivated to achieve through the help and courage you receive from others. Expect some shocks in your personal relationships.

Sagittarius – With this Full Moon in Virgo, you are going to show others just who is boss. If you have been feeling stressed or overwhelmed, you might get some energetic boost thanks to the trine the Moon will have with Uranus.

Capricorn – Earth signs will appreciate this transit as it adds a little more of that familiar energy you enjoy. With this Full Moon, you are going to experience an interesting time during this transit since it will make you more social. The abundant energy will enlighten you and prompt you to make needed changes in your life that is essential for you to evolve.

Aquarius – You are going to enjoy the grounding energy this Full Moon will be bringing into your life. While you experience some dramatic energies in the home and work front, this transit will allow you to bring stability to the areas in your life that you might deem stressful. You will feel more confident tackling problems and finding resolutions.

Pisces – This transit Will be testing your identity as well as the strength of your relationships. With the Moon in trine with Uranus, there could be some surprises with the people in your life. It can make you feel out of place but this is all here to allow you to grow and find your inner strength without depending on others.

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