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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The Full Moon In Leo

The Full Moon in Leo will be on January 28 and it will be the first Full Moon transit of the year. The Moon will be opposing Jupiter, which can bring some highs and lows. On the bright side, we will be more in tune with our needs and wants. It can be a highly optimistic transit, if we can find a balance and know our limits. Too much of a good thing can turn sour quickly.

Leo is representative of ego, grace, and passions. If we have been hard on ourselves, this opposition can magnify the hurt and pain. It is important to remain optimistic during this transit, since the heaviness of Saturn will be felt. We can benefit from connection with others through social media or messaging. If we are close to friends and family, we can express love to them. This Full Moon transit is a reminder to be confident, find our strength, and to shower others with the brightness of love—the type of energy needed for this New Year.

Aries – If you want to rekindle the passion and flare of the Mars transit in your sign, this Full Moon will bring some of that energy. You are going to be more open to being around people during this transit, even if Saturn has made you want to sit things out.

Taurus – Your focus will shift into keeping things in order at home. It is a very crucial time where you see the efforts from last summer begin to take form. If the outcome is not desired, this Full Moon is a reminder to keep pushing through and not to let failures overwhelm or discourage you.

Gemini – This transit will have you more focused on finding your own strengths and seeking mentors that will guide you along this path of self-discovery. You will be more inclined to have fun and live your best life during this transit. Traveling and reconnecting as well as uncovering aspects about yourself.

Cancer – When the Full Moon in Leo happens, you will be more inclined to seek independence. Preparing to set the mood for the months to come, this Full Moon transit is the sign you have been looking for to get things done and plan for what is on the way. How you budget, what you plan, and even your mindset can have a great impact on your success.

Leo – A Full Moon in your sign is a time for a big congratulations. The results from the challenges you faced in the last six months are now paying off. This transit will have you evaluating your role as well as your goals for the near future. Connect, be optimistic, and continue towards your path of success.

Virgo – It is going to be the perfect time to connect with friends during this transit. It will have you reflecting on your past connections as well. With the Full Moon here, you will be more focused on finding your own sense of calm and peace—a reminder to let negative emotions go and focus on healing.

Libra – One of those transits that will bring the focus back to your achievements as well as how your goals are for the upcoming months. Like Virgos, you will be feeling more supported by friends and family during this transit. You are going to see the results of your hard work.

Scorpio – This will be a transit that will bring you insight as well as a need to connect spiritually. Your goals and ambitions take the spotlight with this Full Moon in Leo. It will rekindle the things that matter as you try to achieve a balance at work and home.

Sagittarius – This Full Moon will have you closing chapters as well as analyzing your growth. A period of expansion, renewal, and understanding await you. The transit is the perfect time to tap into your self-confidence and begin to take the steps to move into learning more and perfecting your craft.

Capricorn – With this transit relationships will be apparent for you as well as how your resources are shared with others. It is the perfect time to open up and be honest with yourself. In order to move on from the past, you have to live in the present and make peace with mistakes

Aquarius – The Full Moon in your sister sign will have some challenges, but what you learn will provide you with great benefits. Saturn is in your sign, creating some conflicts with your perception of self and others. Try to strike a balance during this transit. Do not be too harsh on others, be more understanding, and try to bring the jovial energy that Leos are known for.

Pisces – Be more open to restructuring your schedules and make changes during this Full Moon in Leo transit. Welcoming changes will be optimal for us this year. It will also cause you to enter a reflective period with Saturn there providing guidance. At the end of the day, focus on what is best for your path and growth.

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