Here’s What Each Sign Can Expect From 2021’s Venus In Aquarius

Venus will be entering the sign of Aquarius on February 1st, 2020 and it will stay in this sign until February 25th, 2020. Venus here is all about connecting with others. Expect to meet some interesting people during this transit or to have a change in ideology. With most of these planets moving into Aquarius, it is likely that we will all be mentally stimulated during this transit, focusing our energy on the collective instead of the individual. We reclaim our sense of freedom here and may even be inspired to help others.

Aries – A time to regain your sense of confidence and pride. Venus in Aquarius will have you shining brightly if you just let it. Abandon any defeatist thoughts and start to embrace your successes.

Taurus – When Venus enters Aquarius you are going to have zero issues reclaiming the spotlight. All eyes will be on you for the next several years, so may as well get ready to sit on your throne.

Gemini – Expect the unexpected with this transit. Rekindle a love or passion for a subject you abandoned years ago. Venus in Aquarius wants you to explore those philosophical pursuits.

Cancer – There will be a lot of hidden pleasures and activities with this transit. But you need to remember to put yourself in first place. Sometimes, giving ourselves emotionally and spiritually to people who are not putting the same effort just isn’t worth it.

Leo – Venus here wants you to love, laugh and have fun. This transit will have you opting for peace and tranquility. It is also a great time to give yourself a little love and care. Venus will make you shine brighter.

Virgo – You are going to enjoy this transit as it will begin to make things slightly more to your liking. Venus motivates you to be on top of your game, to be more diligent and to practice care.

Libra – What fun you will have with this Venus transit. Either you can choose to connect with other people or simply bask in your own company. Venus here has you inspired to create and produce. You might even step out of your comfort zone to promote a project.

Scorpio – This transit will make things smoother in the next month as Venus joins the other planets in Aquarius. Expect some peace and tranquility when it comes to topics relating to home and work.

Sagittarius – There will be a calming effect as this transit soothes those anxious thoughts (briefly). Venus here wants you to relax, take it easy and to see things clearly. Do not get caught up in your mind. Relax.

Capricorn – With this transit you are in for a surprise and a lesson that will help you through the next two years. Venus demands you to be disciplined and careful with your finances and goals. Be practical and set boundaries with financial things.

Aquarius – Love is in the air with Venus in your sign. You are not in need to be partnered but this transit will give you that boost of confidence that everyone enjoys occasionally. Venus will make you consider what it is you want in a partner or what things you want for yourself and your happiness.

Pisces – Recharge and contemplate things when Venus transits your hidden house. Make sure to take time to think, meditate and prepare yourself for your own Venus transit after. It might feel heavy with so many planets in Aquarius now, but you can handle it.

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