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Here Is Each Zodiac’s Horoscope For February 2021

February begins with Venus entering the sign of Aquarius on the 1st. It is a time for collective unity and transformation with all of these planets entering the sign of Aquarius. The New Moon on the 11th in Aquarius is our time to shine in the sun, to begin new things and to believe in powerful changes. The Sun will be entering the sign of Pisces on the 18th, initiating our first water season of the year. We can expect this season to be filled with emotional highs and lows, especially with Venus also entering the sign of Pisces on the 25th. Romance will be beautiful and quite painful, because Venus is exalted in this sign, so it is a reminder to love unconditionally and wisely. Do not give too much, especially when it isn’t reciprocated. Mercury will be direct on the 20th, allowing us to learn from all we had to redo and rework during the retrograde period. And finally, the month ends with a Full Moon in Virgo, a reminder to take care of ourselves and to be more patient. Plan everything ahead, stay on track, and be present during this month, since things might move too fast for us, making it harder to catch up.

Aries – If you recently felt out of sync with people in your life, this is the month where things begin to look up. Multiple planets will be in the sign of Aquarius for the majority of the month, and you might benefit from it, since you might feel more compelled to reach out to people. The Page of Cups is in this month’s reading, and with Venus in Aquarius starting on the 1st, you might be more inclined to open your heart and connect. Expect your socializing skills to be bumped a notch. On the 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius is the perfect time to change your outlook and to accept the positive things that are ready to happen for you this year. Plant those seeds now. The Sun will be entering the sign of Pisces on the 18th, a powerful moment for you since it shows that your season is just a month away. If you need to relax and meditate, this transit is perfect for that. Reconnect with you. Venus will join the Sun on February 25th, inspiring and motivating you to pursue your dreams and goals. On the 27th, we will experience the Full Moon in Virgo, allowing you to adjust your routines as well as becoming more focused and confident in your plans for the next several months.

Taurus – February will be an important month for you, Taurus. All eyes will be on you with this powerful Stellium in Aquarius forming around the 10th of the month. Your goals will change—this is a transition period that will allow you to see and experience your own inner power. As the Fool this month, you are entering unknown territory, and in order to excel, you should view things with more optimism. The month begins with Venus in the sign of Aquarius on the 1st, a good transit that will keep everyone interested in what you do and say. If you want to take charge and claim your throne, this New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th is the perfect time to set those intentions. 2021 is your year to shine if you believe in yourself. Things get extremely interesting for you on the 18th when the Sun enters the sign of Pisces. Expect some support from friends that are here to help and provide you with guidance. On the 25th, Venus moves into Pisces, sparking your imagination. If you have felt creatively stunted, this transit can open your mind. And finally, the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th is a sweet time for romance and excitement. You will feel your heart open as you will be more receptive to the joy and love this transit has in store for you.

Gemini – With this month, you are going to be on a new journey involving self-discovery and a need to adjust your personal goals. The Ten of Wands appears in your reading showing that although the road might be tough, you are going to power through this. When Venus enters the sign of Aquarius on the first, you are going to be in for a surprise. A new passion will arise for something you have been eying for quite some time. Either a new form of philosophy or a need to learn more about a current subject. This month there will be many planets in the sign of Aquarius, which is going to fuel and motivate you to set your plans to get closer to your career dreams and goals. On the 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius will add more of the planning and need to craft what you expect to achieve in the next several years. When the Sun enters the sign of Pisces on the 18th, you are going to feel a little more grounded and confident when pushing forward with your goals and abandoning all sense of fear. Venus will be joining the sun on the 25th, giving you the grace and confidence to shine brightly in the spotlight. When the Full Moon enters the sign of Virgo on the 27th, you will be able to reach a positive resolution with tough career choices or making changes to your environment.

Cancer – Trying to remain cool and calm has been a bit of a challenge since Saturn has entered Aquarius. For the next several years you will be more focused on your own transformation. Temperance is your card for the month, a sign to take things slower and not lose your cool. When Venus enters Aquarius on the first, you will tap into your own inner power and have the tools needed for transformation. Jupiter is here also and the Sun, providing insight for the steps ahead. On the 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius is quite a powerful transit for you that will open doors to more financial security as you begin to focus on investments as well as the changes in spending habits that need to be refined. You have a vision and this Aquarius stellium will allow you to get on track. A good transit for you is the Sun’s shift to Pisces on the 18th. Fellow water sign energy will only give you a burst of inspiration and more insight. Pisces season will allow you to get back to basics and you might even be inspired to plan an escape through books or meditation. On the 25th, Venus in Pisces adds more confidence to you. With this trine aspect, it is just the right amount of fun needed to make this upcoming Pisces season more exciting. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th will provide you with inspiration and might make your tongue sharper. Be careful when you need to express your opinions, since your words might bruise a little.

Leo – Two of cups is your card for the month, a positive card to have that shows a powerful connection and romantic energy. Aquarius season provides just the right amount of fun you have been craving. On the first, Venus enters Aquarius, giving you a confidence boost. Your relationship house will be in the spotlight for the entire month, giving you more of an appeal and making everyone keep their eyes on you. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th is just the perfect time to enhance relationships (if you are currently partnered) or begin new ones for the single folks out there. While this can be a month of reflection, you will understand what you value most in friendships and romantic relationships. When Pisces Season enters on the 18th, your focus will shift towards your own stability. Venus joins the sun on the 25th, adds more to your magnetism and passion. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th might make you feel a little nostalgic, as you think about your past loves and losses.

Virgo – A bit of a transition period with the Six of Swords Reversed appearing in your reading for the month. Let go of the pain and hurt so you can become a better version of yourself, one that will not be chained or held back. To experience this freedom, you need to allow the changes in your life and not fight them. On the 18th, the Sun will be in your sister sign, Pisces, and it will serve as a painful reminder of the changes you need to make in relationships to grow and progress. This reflects on you and how you value and view yourself. The Sun will shine a light on the mistakes from the past that must not be repeated. When Venus joins the sun on the 25th, you will feel much more receptive to this energy since it will be bringing a harmonious time into your life. Be ready for new connections that are meaningful and spiritual. Venus is exalted in this sign, and it will be there to bring you someone true if you allow it. We close the month with a Full Moon in your sign on the 27th, another reminder to let go and allow yourself to break free from the past.

Libra – This month will be a nice smooth transition for you, and the Six of Wands shows that you are feeling quite victorious. The Venus in Aquarius transit will be one filled with exciting energy and a time of new beginnings. You can expect to meet some interesting romantic prospects or just settle into this transit by having fun zoom chats with friends and family. Movie night with friends might be in the works as this transit might motivate you to seek the artistic side of things. For the creatives, you can benefit from this Venus transit since it will be a boost in confidence in what you can build and share. On the 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius is one that will allow you to radiate brighter than ever. If Saturn in Capricorn held you back, you won’t be stopped now. This is your time to shine. The Sun will be in Pisces on the 18th and Venus will be in the same sign on the 25th. This is a good time to focus on your health if you have avoided it. With these planets in Aquarius, you can easily join a zoom dance gym or anything that involves fun and connecting. The month ends with the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th, a reminder to take things easy and go at a pace that is calming for you.

Scorpio –The Two of Swords shows this will be a magnetic month filled with tough choices and plenty of surprises. When Venus enters the sign of Aquarius on the 1st, you are going to feel much more in control. This is a time where you might be inspired to spend more and beautify your environment or simply work more and charm everyone with your confidence and intelligence. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th is a radiant light that will allow you to reach higher goals in your future. You will be working from the bottom, carefully crafting and learning in order to reach the summit. On the 18th, we finally enter Pisces Season and this transit is going to bring more excitement into your life. February is a romantic month, so expect that unsettling passionate romance Pisces season tends to bring. Here you will be connecting with you. When Venus enters Pisces on the 25th, another moment of triumph and successes. With this trine, you are going to feel the motivation and inspiration that is necessary to be a superstar in either work, school, or your career. Friends come into the mix with the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th, reminding you to stay connected and plan some virtual hangouts with friends. They will make the end of the month that more exciting for you.

Sagittarius – As the Knight of Wands this month, you have a lot to say and will be inspired to share it. A good way to channel the Venus in Aquarius transit on the 1st is to write things down. Creatives will be in for a surprise as this transit boosts your confidence with the way you communicate and express yourself. The New Moon in Aquarius on the 11th is another powerful moment that should be used if you plan on researching a new project, starting a new goal, or just getting back to a work of art you abandoned. Use this energy to get things done. When the Sun enters the sign of Pisces on the 18th, you are going to feel more driven to accomplish and succeed. Venus joins the Sun on the 25th, prepping you for the road ahead. You will need everything in your arsenal to make a lasting impression. When the Full Moon in Virgo graces us on the 27th, there could be an element of surprise and you could experience a breakthrough as long as you continue to work, plan and make sure not to give up during this month.

Capricorn – Try your best to be Zen this month with the Seven of Wands in your reading. There might be some people that might stress you a bit, but as long as you keep your cool, things should work out. On February 1st, we will experience Venus in the sign of Aquarius. This Venus is ruled by Saturn, giving you a bit of an edge. It is a reminder that you will have to channel your energy into being more focused and present with your personal and professional relationships. Strike that balance so you’re not overwhelmed. On the 11th, the New Moon in Aquarius is a gentle reminder to be more aware with how you manage your things as well as finances. If you need to be more responsible, start today. On the 18th, the Sun enters Pisces and you will enjoy this transit as it will allow you to connect with many people. Venus enters Pisces on the 25th, making you express yourself with more vibrance and welcoming arms. The Full Moon in Virgo will be a good transit for you, bringing that nostalgia and hope you have craved. This transit will have you moving in the past and seeing where you stand in the present.

Aquarius – As the King of Swords in your reading, it is a sign that you are in your element during this birthday month. You are already on your throne with your ruler also in your sign, as well as Jupiter. On the first, Venus will be in Aquarius, making you feel a little inspired and the go-getter in you will awaken. It will be a period of reconnecting and being in touch with the characteristics that make you stand out and feel empowered. The New Moon on the 11th in your sign will be a great chapter in your life this year where you can bring about positive changes. Mercury direct on the 20th will be a breath of fresh air since you can move along with those plans you have had to rework. When the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, this is going to be a transit that allows you to feel more like a King when facing challenges. You will feel unstoppable when Venus also enters Pisces on the 25th, opening your eyes and heart to change. The month ends with the Full Moon in Virgo transit on the 27th, finding your passion and allowing you to transform.

Pisces – One of the bigger events for you this month will be the Sun entering your sign on the 18th. You will be shining brightly this month as you prepare to take on the challenges ahead. A calming transit for you will be Venus entering the sign of Aquarius on the 1st, this is the perfect opportunity for you to rest up and catch up on things you have neglected. The inner worker bee in you will awaken during this time to get things done. However, we will be in retrograde, so you need to make sure to check and plan accordingly. On the 11th, this New Moon in Aquarius will be a great time for everyone to focus on new beginnings and to connect with others. Venus will be entering your sign towards the end of the month on the 25th. This transit shows the Six of Pentacles energy, which is about generosity. Seek to help those who you care about emotionally if they need you. Another powerful transit for you will be the Full Moon in Virgo, putting the spotlight on your personal relationships. Are you striking a balance with your friends and romantic partners? If not, focus on attaining the balance that is in the Six of Pentacles. Do not give too much of yourself to those who do not respect or value you.

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