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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From Mercury In Aquarius

Mercury will be in the sign of Aquarius on January 8, 2021. This Mercury sign is not apologetic and is similar to Sagittarius. With Mercury here, we will be focused on making social changes and speaking out against injustices. It is a sign that will do right by the collective and will abandon selfish notions for selfless ones.

Aries – With Mercury here, you are going to focus on the changes needed. Expect a radical mindset now during this transit, as you are going to be more empathetic to social changes that might be needed. Stick with a plan and give it your all.

Taurus – Mercury here wants you to express yourself fearlessly and without compromise. You are gaining a newfound confidence during this transit and no one can stop you. Although Mars is in your sign, you might feel the highs and lows during this period. Make sure to stay focused.

Gemini – You are not afraid to express yourself during this transit. Mercury in Aquarius makes you more confident and committed to get what you want. This is a good boost to have now since you might have felt out of your element for most of last year. An enlightening period for you.

Cancer – A time to dive into focusing on your finances as well as work through any emotional problems you are facing. Mercury here wants you to feel empowered, and with Saturn already in this sign, you might find a good and practical way to navigate through your subconscious.

Leo – Developing a good way to communicate with others will be a lesson you will learn for the next few years. Mercury in Aquarius will have you thinking before you speak, especially when this planet is conjunct Saturn. What you learn now will be valuable for this New Year.

Virgo – Changing your habits and making modifications to your day to day will take top priority for you during this transit. You are not afraid to make changes or to discuss new ways to build your plans for the year.

Libra – Leveling up the charm is one way to view this transit. Mercury has you ready to say the right things at the right time. You might also feel compelled to work towards your dreams here since this planet will make positive aspects to your sign. This is a period of growth and transforming yourself.

Scorpio – Focusing on your friendships as well as the growth you have made throughout the last year will be key during this transit. You are going to then want to shift your focus on continuing the expansion for your goals, dreams, and your home environment.

Sagittarius – Mercury will be a gift for you this month because it will spark up your plans and make you feel more driven and motivated. If you have felt restricted, this transit helps you be more comfortable about your approach to communicating. Mercury provides advantages and insights into this transit.

Capricorn – Money conscious and focused during this transit, Mercury has you planning and waiting to make your next move. You are going to set your goals and make changes to your routines during this transit. There will be a lot of spiritual insights connected to this transit as well.

Aquarius – You are in for a ride this year and this month as many more planets enter your sign. Mercury here will make you stand out, and you might even present yourself as wiser and more mature to others. It might make you feel apprehensive to express yourself when Saturn and Mercury conjoin, but you are going to still have a presence, and others will admire you for it.

Pisces – Mercury in Aquarius will bring you the promise that your hard work is worth the pay off. You will be more contemplative this transit, as you feel more grounded and connected with your roots. Diving into dreams and understanding the messages presented to you will also add a little more flare. Use the inspiration now to create magic.

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