What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From Jupiter In Aquarius

Jupiter has entered the sign of Aquarius as of today, December 19th, 2020, and shifts into Pisces on May 13th. Things get even more interesting as Jupiter goes back into Aquarius on July 28th and stays there through December 28th, 2021. This transit will be major for a lot of Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), so expect a year filled with abundant energy and inspiration. The planet Jupiter is about expansion and intellectual pursuits since this is Sagittarius’ ruler. What makes this an exciting transit is that it will in Aquarius, which is an air sign driven by scholarly and independent qualities that are going to help us more on a collective level. We might shift our attention to helping people and being more concerned with the betterment of others while at the same time be willing to be more autonomous. There is a lot to learn and it seems we will appreciate the healing qualities that can be associated with Jupiter. The restrictive qualities that Jupiter in Capricorn had will melt away when it is in Aquarius a sign that would prefer to change the world, create a revolution by starting the change. These are fantastic qualities needed during these uncertain times and this optimism will be necessary to power through the New Year.

Aries – Magical times with this transit as things just flow much easier even with Saturn entering this sign. Here you receive your accolades and can charm everyone around you. It can be a time where you see your social circle increase or decrease, but you will be surrounded by interesting and independent people that are able to match your goals and dreams. Expect to be inspired to make changes to the world around you with the help of others.

Taurus – Here you are in the limelight for the next year as your efforts and hard work are put to the test. Luckily, Jupiter will continue to allow you to persist and fight through the challenges even when things seem to not go your way. A lesson learned here will carry on to the next Jupiter sign change where you will be appreciative of the road you have gone through and will bring the energy back to healing others.

Gemini – This is a wonderful time if you are already in school or in the creative fields. This Jupiter transit will be inspirational, making you more aware of the people you might meet during this transit. There could be other people from different social backgrounds that are going to have a strong impact on you now. Expect to meet quirky folks given that this is in the sign of Aquarius. You are on a path to greatness after this transit, so what you learn now will have a great impact on you.

Cancer – A powerful transit that is going to have you contemplate your own self-worth as well as your goals for the future. Jupiter in Aquarius will have you be more reflective, but you are going to be feeling a sense of empowerment since the sky is the limit. If you enter a relationship now, you will be scrutinizing your finances as well as your partners. Sharing resources and how you use them will be major for you this time.

Leo – If you had doubts about the people in your life including your romantic partners, Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius will be a time where you are going to analyze those around you and be more open to meeting new people. You are going to see how dynamics in your friendships and partnerships change. You might even enter a potential business deal or just go the next step with a romantic partner. There are lots of changes in store during this transit, so be observant.

Virgo – You will enjoy this Jupiter in Aquarius transit as it has you focused on order and productivity. This year will be filled with hard work, but it will not be filled with the stressful qualities that Saturn in Capricorn might have presented. Virgos will be more focused on healing, learning from mistakes, and maturing. Planning will be important now as well as maintaining healthy habits and routines. Expect to impress those in college or work with your efficiency.

Libra – After a brutal Saturn Transit, Jupiter in fellow air sign Aquarius is a mentally stimulating time for you. There could be lots of romantic interests in the air as well, but with Saturn in the same sign, you might attract people who are a lot more focused on pursuing their goals and not the fun flirty types you would have expected to encounter. The people you meet now will inspire and motivate you with their creativity and unique qualities.

Scorpio – Expansion around your life with a lot of interesting things in the mix. Jupiter creates a square with your sign, allowing you to learn some harsh lessons but with the positive influences that can be tied to this sign. There can be changes in your immediate environment, you might even be in a position where you move. Either way, you will flourish during this time as you have a stronger sense of your roots and home.

Sagittarius – It will be a motivational time for you as Jupiter in Aquarius has you focused on intellectual expansion as well as pursuits. You are more inclined to learn more and dive deeper into topics you might have been interested in before. This is a time of mental stimulation and connecting with others. Jupiter allows for you to have the grace and tact to charm people. For the creatives, this is a great period to get back into working on something you started a long time ago.

Capricorn – With this transit expect to restructure your finances for the next year. This will also apply to matters relating to how you view and value yourself. This Jupiter transit will be one filled with lessons and guiding principles that will help you gain that confidence that you might have lost during the Saturn transit in your sign. One of the major things you need to remember is not to be too hard on yourself and to have fun.

Aquarius – Jupiter in your sign is going to be a year filled with a little luck and a need to expand yourself intellectually or spiritually. For the next year you are going to discover who you are and learn a powerful message. This is the time to abandon fear and go with pursuing your goals and dreams. Jupiter wants you to feel a sense of pride and joy when it comes to matters relating to you. Center yourself and rejoice with the new and interesting things coming your way.

Pisces – A pleasant transit for you that will bring you some healing and a sense of calm after the storm. It is possible you might tap into your subconscious and may need just moments to center yourself. With Jupiter in Aquarius, you might find that friends will help you get into your spiritual side. Books, yoga and just hanging out with friends will prove to be healing for you during this time.

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