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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The New Moon Solar Eclipse

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius will grace us on December 14, 2020. This energy will last for the next six months, so it is one of the key transits of this month. We are already in eclipse season, having experienced the Gemini Full Moon earlier in the month, and now with the expansive energy of Sagittarius returning to get us back on track. Although we did not feel the fun and optimistic energy that Jupiter has to offer this year, the eclipse will give us some of the optimism that we need before Saturn enters Aquarius on the 17th. Eclipses are powerful and normally represent a shift in course as we all anticipate the changes just in time for the New Year. The trine to Mars will bring out our passion and drive. This will be a time of courage and finding our own sense of power. We will feel motivated to reach for the stars. It is not a good time to manifest during this eclipse season, but it is a great time to reflect and to see our growth. We have made it to the final act of 2020 and now we can have a little fun as we feel ourselves slowly rising from the ashes.

Aries – Lots of learning will be your focus with this transit. You can just feel how this eclipse is going to be epic for you with the expansive energy brewing in the atmosphere. This is your time to invest in your education, as well as expanding your mind. The adventures could await you in the books you dive into. It does not mean you have to spend money, since you can also learn a lot of things by borrowing books and joining free webinars.

Taurus – The lessons you learned during Scorpio Season might repeat themselves now. There will be a transformation when it comes to your relationships, as well as your value system. If you feel like you need to invest in more of the spiritual, the eclipse will prompt you to meditate and to tune into you. There could also be a change in investment and financial planning, learning more about finances might be another move for you during this transit.

Gemini – The eclipse will transform your relationship energy for the next several months. With the Venus Retrograde transit earlier this year in your sign, you are now ready to go for what you want and are not afraid to seek it. With the Full Moon Eclipse in your sign, you are still reeling from the influx of emotions and changes that have been headed your way. Expect some motivation from friends and family, a recipe for more successes in the future.

Cancer – The overall focus for you during this eclipse season will be on mending and healing. The Solar eclipse in Sagittarius gives you a sense of optimism, and you might be very inspired to start a new healthy habit and focus more on the things that bring you calm and peace in your life. Although Mars is still in fellow cardinal sign Aries, this eclipse will amp up the pressures at work, but it will not feel like a tough transit. You will be gliding, feeling some of the pressure wear off but with the determined energy to motivate you to succeed.

Leo – A lot of excitement will present itself with this Solar Eclipse in fellow fire sign Sagittarius! You are in your element and this energy is just what you needed towards the end of the year. As we all brace ourselves for this upcoming Saturn transit in your sister sign, Aquarius, you will go with the flow and find your path. This eclipse will give you confidence, energy, and insight. What Saturn in Capricorn restricted, you will reclaim with this transit (even if it’s brief).

Virgo – Changes can happen at home and it will be brewing with the beginning of this Solar Eclipse. For the next six months you will see how things begin to shift and it will be welcoming since Sagittarius is expansive and optimistic energy. This eclipse will also give you a sense of empowerment to finally cut ties off with the past. You are in a phase of prosperity and movement, so keep your head up and stay strong.

Libra – One way to handle the energies of this eclipse is to immerse yourself in topics that interest you, because you will have the mindset to absorb everything academic now. The Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius makes you feel confident in your expression, and you will have the ability to impress a lot of people during this transit. If you have also contemplated writing a book or beginning a new project, this can be the greenlight you needed to get things rolling.

Scorpio – It will be an interesting transit for you with the Solar Eclipse motivating you to bring a little more care and love to yourself. You will be analyzing your own worth as this energy activates your house of routines. It can be a time where you will be more focused on creating new habits that will allow you to flourish both mentally and physically. Learning more about how you manage your finances will also be a theme during this transit. Make sure to find your balance and not to overdo things.

Sagittarius – With this Solar Eclipse in your sign, you will experience the biggest transformation. This energy is going to be powerful for many Sagittarius risings, since it will be breaking down aspects of your appearance and personality and rebuilding them. This can feel like a mini-Saturn transit (remember when Saturn was in your sign in 2016), and you will feel that energy shake you up, but you will be able to navigate it with ease. A change will be like a breath of fresh air for you! How exciting!

Capricorn – As a sign that has worked hard and felt the challenges over the last few years with Saturn transiting your sign, now is the time for you to bring that treat yourself energy as we gear up for the major Saturn sign changes during the week of the 14th. Eclipse season will highlight your house of secrets, motivating you to be more contemplative and private. This can be a period of renewal for you as you give yourself that rest and care away from prying eyes.

Aquarius – How you connect with others and their impact in your life will be felt with this powerful Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This is your time to claim those rewards you have been expecting after all the hard work you have done. You have a great support system, and if there are people that are not in it to help you, you will feel empowered to move on from certain relationships. This eclipse will make you feel sharper and more confident in your words and actions. The sky’s the limit.

Pisces – A period of renovation and hard work will occur when the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius happens. You will have a lot of eyes on you starting now and lasting for the next six months. Overall, this is not too bad, even if it might feel a little overwhelming for you. Mutable signs will feel this change occur, and it will help all of you in the long run as this is a period of transformation and new energy. Stay focused and work hard to get to where you want to go.

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