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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The New Moon In Scorpio

The New Moon in Scorpio on November 15th will bring a pleasant vibe, thanks to the sextile to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This will be a transit that has us facing some of our fears but with more resilience since we have been toughened up by Saturn and Mars throughout this year. How we view strength, self-worth, and our willingness to break free from patterns that hold us back will be relevant during this transit. Overall, it will be a grounding period as we set our sights to what awaits. In one more month, we will continue to experience the Saturn in Capricorn transit that has made us change and redefine our outlook, and for Cardinal signs, this has been a period of changes to their identity. We have seen what Saturn in Aquarius brought earlier in the year, and this New Moon will touch on some of those themes again, since it will also be in an Aquarian degree. Expect some interesting revelations as well as unexpected changes for the next few weeks up to six months from now.


Mars will be ruling this Moon, and while it is finally direct, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. An awakening begins now for you as you set your plans in motion and gather the courage to face fears and anything that has been holding you back. Mars can move and you can finally take action and keep the passion flowing as this Moon pushes you to dive into the past and handle the emotional waves that come with it.


Once again you will feel this energy similar to that of the last Full Moon transit in your sign in October. There will be more of the same topics relating to identity as well as relationships. You are on the path to new changes with this upcoming Saturn transit. Expect to greet more challenges, but you will be ready to face them.


With this transit, you are evaluating your goals and dreams with a sense of empowerment. What has been holding you back will not feel as heavy. The New Moon brings back a sense of optimism to work and any school or career related topics. You have the tools needed to break free and craft your own path.


What can be heavy for some will turn to be a jovial experience for you. Here you can find the pleasures in romance and even falling in love. This transit can make you feel more passionate for those who you are romantically interested in, and if you are in a relationship, it can intensify bonds.


The focus of this transit will have you seeking more practical things. Goals might be moving to more solid ones as you prepare for this upcoming Saturn transit next month. To reflect the growth you have had spiritually, you will be inclined to make some changes to your environment during this transit. Adding beautiful things or just making home a more pleasant atmosphere will help bring you a sense of peace and calm.


Changes are coming, and you can even feel your own thoughts starting to shift for the brighter moments and towards happier times to come. This New Moon transit will bring joy to the things you have loved in the past. It can feel like a romantically nostalgic moment in time as you rethink of the blissful times and set intentions to bring them back.


Power will be on your mind with this transit as you come to terms with how you value yourself. You are making changes and feel like you are breaking free from the ties of Saturn in Capricorn. Mars is direct and the New Moon will have you striving for plans that were beyond your dreams. You feel the courage and hope for what is to come without fear. The last New Moon transit in your sign has given you the boost in confidence even if it might not feel like it now. You have to believe in you.


With this powerful New Moon in your sign, you are ready to feel the changes that are to come. As a fixed sign, you are awaiting the Saturn transit that will reshape who you are for the next 2.5 years. This New Moon is the prelude to what you will expect for the next several years. Expect to redefine who you are and abandon the parts of you that have held you back.


A lot has happened during this Scorpio Season—an influx of information, a nostalgic period from the past, or just a sense of calm. This New Moon will align with your goals and needs, especially if you have neglected to take care of yourself. Starting this week, focus more on what you want and treat yourself when you feel down. Things are shifting, so allow yourself to release pain and fear.


There are a lot of people that are ready to connect or reconnect with you during this transit. You have learned a lot this year about those who you hold dear and people you no longer want to associate with. There could have been a temporary cut off where you just decided to focus more on yourself. Now that you have evaluated and analyzed, you are ready to go forward with those in your life who have your back.


The game will be changing soon as you await your Saturn transit. This New Moon will highlight your identity, ambitions, goals, and achievements. You are in command of this game if you play your cards right. Get ready to put in a lot of work, but the returns will be incredible if you put passion into what you are doing and don’t stop believing in what you are capable of creating.


This New Moon transit will have you feeling awakened as you gather your thoughts and make moves for greater periods that are to come. You are evolving and feeling more empowered compared to the beginning of the year. With the changes that have come in your life, you have felt a sense of content and hope. The New Moon will inspire you to learn things you have been interested in that will help to contribute to your spiritual growth.

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