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What Mercury In Libra Means For Each Zodiac Sign

Mercury enters the sign of Libra on September 5th and will leave on September 27th. This is a transit that will have us practicing the Diplomatic values of the sign. The scales will be tipped with Saturn and Mars, causing stressors to Mercury as the transit progresses. We must remember to keep our cool and to power through with peacekeeping. This year, the Cardinal signs will be battling it out and things will continue to intensify up until December. A focus here should be on intellectual control, not emotional. It is easy to lose our composure and control with Mars in Aries, but at the end of the day, being patient and logical will allow for more successes than failures.


It’s a good time for you to practice some diplomacy this month. With Mars currently in your sign, there are waves of impulsivity that will have you regretting things and putting your foot in your mouth. Mercury adds some grace to your communication style. Expect an enlightening and busy period as you connect with more people but discover new ways to approach them with your evolving communication style. Be ready to impress and to shine during this transit, which will require you to practice more patience.


You are a Venus-ruled sign, so this transit will be suitable for you and might feel easier to handle. Mercury here helps boost your thoughts, goals, and ambitions. You will be ready to get prepared, and if the going gets tough, you are also ready to make some damage control. This is a time where you will be more focused on health and routine. Make sure not to let the anxiety get to you, but to channel this transit in a way that will allow you to push your productivity levels to new heights.


Air Mercury for the air signs seems like a great and fascinating time where you can get the creative energy and the confidence flowing. Mercury in Libra can be a period where you meet a lot of people and have the power to have those enamored by what you have to say. Like Libras, you are very much in your element now. The only focus here would be to make sure that you are not creating tension in your friend circles by saying harsh things that you could regret.

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This transit has you grounded as you reflect on many events during the year. You might feel the pressures mounting with this transit when Mercury starts to oppose Mars and Square Saturn. Be careful not to bring the drama from work home. It is also important to strive for balance with your personal relationships, as the tensions from Mars can create some stresses with romance and partners. Breathe in during this transit and remember to exercise the diplomatic values Libra imposes.


A lot of tension will be felt during this transit as you try to bring equilibrium to your personal space, your work or school environment, and your dreams. You are going full speed ahead, and this transit has you with the inspiration needed to get things done and to create wonders. There could be some conflicts when Mercury starts to oppose Mars, making you second guess and doubt your beliefs and direction. As we have learned through the course of the year, we have to keep perfecting our work and revising our plans, even when things aren’t going the way we plan.


During this transit, you will have your thoughts on the past, as nostalgia might begin to take over and you wonder a lot about your path. It feels like a heavy theme this year, especially with Saturn adding a gloomy feel to your plans for fun. Contemplate what you would like to have for the future; build upon your stability and you will see how your mood can shift and your ambitions will grow as you allow yourself to flourish through these times.


Mercury in your sign will bring a little flare and cause lots of tensions. This will have you in your element. As an air sign, you have the command you need to get conversations to go in your favor. With this transit, you can be fearless, especially with Mars causing that opposition to the planet. Try to take a step back when things feel too overwhelming. You might be excellent with your words now, but they can cause some damage if you do not take the time to control them. Do not pick fights with others—focus on harmony and remember to express yourself.


It’s an introspective time for you during this transit. Reflecting on the past will have you pushing forward. The opposition this planet will have with Mars is going to have you wanting to progress and fight for what you believe in. Be patient, as this can become frustrating when Mercury battles out Saturn as well. Remember to take breaks and meditate when things start to get overwhelming. Overall, this can be a pleasant transit that will bring insight and passion and will have you prepared for when Mercury enters your sign.


You will be fond of connecting with friends during this transit, as Mercury adds that charm and boost to your ego. You will find it easier to find the right things to say and the right words can get your popularity levels up. With Mars battling it out with Mercury later this month, you might need to take a step back and consider an outlet to get the frustrating emotions out. Mercury and Mars will favor those in the creative fields, as you can create masterful concepts if you allow it.


It could feel like a lot of pressure with Mercury in Libra creating a square to Saturn and Pluto on your sign. You can be at the top of the game, handling all of the pressures that are thrown at you. All eyes are on you during this transit, and you as an Earth sign can navigate the surprises that this can bring. Focusing on the home front will allow you for more growth and balance. This can lead to understanding the paths you pursue with your career. Patience and maintaining focus is vital this month.


A boost in your confidence will be the result of this Mercury transit in fellow air sign Libra. You are ready to learn more and are passionate about your pursuits. With Mars creating an opposition to Mercury, you might feel driven but some uncertainties can present themselves. This is a transit that has you thinking about the road ahead and the direction you are willing to go. What you learn now will influence your new plans for the future.


This transit will open your eyes to things you did not want to deal with. It can be tough getting back to topics that were uncomfortable for you. But with Mercury in Libra, you will find that navigating through what feels painful can help with maturity. You will gain a little more confidence here, and Mars in Aries will have you ready to take on those challenges. The graceful presence of a Venus-ruled Mercury sign can help alleviate the anxiousness that can come with Mercury transits.

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