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What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From The Mars Retrograde

Mars Retrograde begins on September 9, 2020 and goes direct on November 13, 2020. This means that we should all just slow things down. Mars is battling Saturn and Pluto, and although we are closing in on one of the biggest astro chapters for this planet this year, there is still much to expect towards the end of the year. Mars will be squaring off with Saturn on September 29, 2020, a time where we will feel the frustration of this transit even more. When the planet goes direct on November 13, things will be flowing easier compared to the period where it was retrograde. Mars will tell you to keep it moving and keep fighting. Saturn will be direct by then too, and we can all breathe a little until Saturn finally moves into Aquarius in late December of this year. The keys to being successful during this transit involve how impulsive we are and how controlled we are. Do not race to the finish line. Be the turtle in this chapter and do not speed ahead, because the road ahead will still be filled with challenges. Be smarter and calmer and you will see how much easier navigating Mars in Aries will be.


Mars in your sign has some benefits because it is your ruler. This has been a double-edged sword for many Aries, since it’s an energy you welcome but it has lasted for months instead of weeks. Here you will learn to be more patient whether you like it or not. Mars retrograde will show you that being explosive will not get problems solved, it will just leave you and others irritated. This retrograde period wants you to step up with a cool head and not let the rage consume you. There is a period of maturity now as we shift gears and wait until Mars goes direct in November.


It is okay to let out how you feel and what is consuming you. With Mars retrograde, you will have to learn ways to channel your anger. If you are closing your emotions and frustrations now, you might explode like a volcano. Find ways to express yourself in a productive way where it does not cause offense. Even if you are in the right, you will have to learn how to navigate the anger with diplomacy. Learn to communicate better, meditate to unload yourself of the emotional blockages, and be patient.


This Mars retrograde will have you reconsidering how others view you as well as a change in your public image. Do not feel the need to make any drastic changes in regard to your inner circle. If things are not flowing, let it be. This is a period where all eyes are on you, and in order to still get the benefits from your labor, you need to walk the line, do things right, and do not insert yourself in unnecessary drama.


It is a battlefield for you and Capricorn this transit. You are both heading into one of the most intense transits that will leave you both changed towards the end of the year. You are racing to the top without realizing you might already be there. Mars retrograde might cloud your judgment, where you might second guess yourself and think you are not getting anywhere. Avoid fights or arguments with others because it might come back to bite you. You need to retain your concentration and keep the eyes on your prize.


Things will seem a little favorable at the beginning of this transit. As a fire sign, you can manage to find useful ways to channel this energy into productive endeavors. While Mars retrograde tries to hold you back and second guess yourself, you have Venus coming to your aid since it will be in your sign, allowing you to move forward. If you second guess yourself now, make sure to practice patience and do not feel pressure into making changes to your goals or educational pursuits. Wait until Mars is direct.


A focus on yourself and your path becomes clearer during this Mars retrograde period. Who you are and what your values are will be tested relentlessly until the planet goes direct in November. During this period, it would be wise for you to reflect and not to take action until the pressures have eased and you have made peace with your past and the people you might be in conflict with now. This can also be a great time to practice making peace with others and slowing down a bit to get things done.


This is the perfect time to practice what your sign is all about. Mercury in your sign and the Sun’s shift to it later this month will present you with the cool, calm, and collected demeanor you need to get through this transit. Pick your battles since you might feel tempted to take your anger out on those closest to you. Patience is a virtue until November, when Mars goes direct. For now, you will feel best in control if you continue being persistent and diplomatic.


Your ruler is in the sign of Aries and it is going retrograde. This means you are ready to step up to the challenges and will find meaningful ways to use this transit to its fullest potential. Scorpio, you are ready and have been fighting for the things you want during the year. Mars retrograde will allow you to see where you need to make changes and how to manage your time and energy. Venus in Leo has you ready for greatness as long as you continue to be a step ahead of everyone else.


Although things might appear as fun and games, they are not. Mars in Aries is motivating you and probably adding a dose or unwanted realism to your life. Sometimes, we don’t get what we want, and we have to be patient. This transit might make you nostalgic, thinking on the impact of the last Venus Retrograde and how you want your romances to be for the future. Settle in the energy and use it to be productive. If you have squabbles with people now, take a time out to relax.


Mars is bringing the battlefront to you and you might feel like you are at war with everyone and everything. Take it easy now until November, since Mars will force you to redo and repeat situations that are not as pleasant. Be the tactician during this transit and not the warrior. Saturn in your sign will amp up the frustration as you wait for answers and movement, but things remain stagnant. Continue to be the patient person you are and do not let your anger get the best of you. Breathe in and out.


You are going to be more focused with precision and will be more inclined to take action now. Mars retrograde wants you to stop and think before moving. This also applies to the way you express yourself, so be careful with what you say or do that might infuriate others right now. Your mind is sharp and your tongue can cut, so learn to breathe in and think things through before expressing them. Channel this energy into creative pursuits, especially with Venus in your sister sign, making you more desirable to others and increasing your ego. Learn from Venus poise and use Mars’ drive to achieve.


It will be a tough road ahead with Mars Retrograde pushing you to work harder, be more ambitious, and to consider being more careful with how you approach your finances. The Mars transit will be a learning curve for a lot of us as we try once again to regain our footing since the Saturn transit keeps pushing us off. Evaluate what needs to be dealt with and make sure not to be impulsive with problem solving. Sometimes the best solutions are reached when you become more knowledgeable about a subject. Use this period to learn, rework, and understand things better.

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