This Is What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect From 2020’s Venus In Leo

Venus enters Leo on September 6th and stays in the sign until October 2nd, 2020. it will bring out the passionate side. Although we might be dreading the Mars Retrograde on the 9th, this transit promises to have us looking within. Venus will calm, empower, and strengthen us for the next several weeks. As the planets in Cardinal signs square off, we can expect to feel a little grounded with this fixed Venus sign coming to our rescue. Expect the unexpected when Venus makes a square to Uranus on September 15th, causing some uncertainty within romantic relationships. Practice patience stay grounded and practice diplomacy if needed since this month is about slowing things down. We can expect a positive trine to Mars on September 28th, even if it’s retrograded by then. It is still a good thing to have, since it can be a calming effect on the tensions that have been building through the year up to this month.

Aries – Relationships might come more into focus with this Venus in Leo transit heating up your house of fun and pleasure. Mars currently in your sign will make you feel like a go-getter when it comes to solidifying partnerships. Although everything looks golden and sweet for the time being, it is still best to take things at a slower pace while Mars gets ready to go retrograde. You can still enjoy the fun associated with this transit, so appreciate the joy but do not rush into things until Mars goes direct.

Taurus – Although this transit might create some tensions with your sign, you can still enjoy the comforts it will be bringing to your immediate environment. Venus in Leo motivates you to make some changes to your home. When Mars makes a trine to this planet, it can make you feel inspired and ready to beautify to your hearts content. Enjoy the peace that accompanies this transit.

Gemini – Here you will see that your words can captivate anyone during this Venus in Leo transit. Get ready to be the center of attention with friends and people you meet. Venus in Leo brings you confidence through expression and it will have others view you in a favorable light. You can bring the peace amongst friends and family. This can also have you become popular with those seeking advice. Keep the diplomatic mentality, especially when Mars goes retrograde.

Cancer – This transit has you looking ahead and making plans. Venus in Leo also has you focusing on yourself and will make you want to look at how you are treating yourself. Be kind to yourself during this transit, as Leo seeks to motivate and inspire if we have neglected those aspects in our lives. You might be very concerned with work or career and although the Mars Retrograde might encourage some anxiety, you should take things slowly and indulge in self-care.

Leo – We are fortunate to have another fire sign during this September filled with challenging aspects. Venus in your sign is an awakening to passion, fun and excitement. You will feel very connected to the element as this energy boosts your confidence and keeps you motivated, especially with Mars in fiery Aries directing us all. Watch out when Mars goes retrograde, as the love and affection Venus brings might be replaced by doubt and anxiety. Remember to take it easy, go slow and enjoy.

Virgo – Venus in Leo will be a pleasant transit for you since it will have us going into self-care mode by nourishing our ego. Here you will feel comfortable enough to seek guidance, make changes and be more introspective. The privacy you might have been craving for will appear now. This period of time will allow you to take things at a slower pace as you seek answers to unresolved topics.

Libra – Understanding the importance of self-assurance will be one of the predominant themes for you this transit. Venus in Leo wants you to feel empowered and to know your limits when others try to bring you down. Although it can feel like a war zone for you, this is a transit that will leave you feeling ready to overcome and establish your needs and wants. People will be on your side, providing you with the guidance as well as the motivation you seek.

Scorpio – Getting to the top has been a theme for you during Leo Season and now you will be more at ease with this transit since it brings the focus back to your goals and ambitions. You are in a transformative period, making big plans or just seeing how your career has become a greater concern for the past couple of years. Venus in Leo will make you shine brightly, have people advocate for you and to see the fruits of your labor.

Sagittarius – This is an enjoyable transit for your sign since it represents everything you love. However, when Mars goes direct, it can feel like things will backfire or you might not be motivated enough to pursue them. Yet, this transit will teach you about the things you are passionate about. You will seek any opportunity to learn more, tap into the philosophical and even see a new approach to love, thanks to these Venus transits we have had during the year. Prepare for an enlightening phase.

Capricorn – You might not be too keen on Venus entering Leo, but you will appreciate this shift after Venus in Cancer’s opposition to your sign. With this upcoming shift in signs, you are once again on another journey to make some peace with lovers you no longer associate with. Allow the drama to cool and use this transit to let things go so you can move forward. Venus will be favorable for you as it eases anxieties for you and helps boost your emotional and financial sector.

Aquarius – With Venus in Leo making a direct opposition to your sign, you will be more focused on relationships during this transit. Any hasty actions now will leave you feeling a little regret. Nevertheless, this can be a time focused on what to look for in partners as well as building up your own confidence. Embrace the warm energy this transit has in store for us. Allow yourself to be captivated by thoughts of love and hope with this transit.

Pisces – You can benefit a lot during this transit with Venus in Leo and Mars in Aries pushing you towards the road of excellence. Beware the Mars Retrograde since it might have you internalizing pressures and emotions that can lead to anger and frustrations. Find a way to decompress by focusing on the tasks you might have at hand. Getting things done will amp you and motivate you for the next phase when Mars goes direct.

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