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How Each Zodiac Sign Can Get The Most From The Full Moon In Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces will be on September 2nd, a time to release, to contemplate and most importantly, to hope. This transit will be key to the themes for the remainder of the year. We close out a major cycle with this transit and prepare for the new chapters that are being written now. The Moon in Pisces has harmony and can bring us inspiration through its dreamy and romantic themes. It feels quite nice to abandon oneself to the energies of this transit before the Mars Retrograde begins on the 9th. This is a time to learn about ourselves, our needs, and what we can do to bring that spark of happiness into our lives. Creatively, this is also a great period to get in touch with our artistic side since it can be therapeutic and grounding. Enjoy this transit by spending time with loved ones, connecting, and finding an outlet to express yourselves.

Aries – With this transit you will be prompted to think more about yourself and the parts of you that need to be shed before we enter the Full Moon in your sign next month. With Mars still in your sign, you are finding out how to channel your energy in different ways, so that you do not lose your sense of control. Meditation during this transit and relaxation can leave you energized.

Taurus – You see the value of having good friends and colleagues. The opportunities you can achieve with the help of those you meet will be amplified this transit as you recall your place in time compared to earlier this year. The Full Moon in Pisces is a period where you reflect on where you are and where you plan on going. The roadmap to your future begins now.

Gemini – Recognition and being in the spotlight will be predominant themes for you this transit. You will find ways to push yourself to a new level because you feel inspired enough to pursue your goals without fear. This Full Moon will have you questioning your path if you are not satisfied. Expect to see how your work leads to recognition and accolades.

Cancer – This transit will be a journey for you as you contemplate the next steps ahead when it comes to career and status. You are maturing, learning, and changing your mindset. This flexibility and willingness to step out of your comfort zone can lead to much-needed growth, as you get ready to release the ties Saturn in Capricorn has had on you for the last couple of years. A wave of optimism will flood you with the moon in Pisces, seeing promise and hope in the darkness.

Leo – It can feel like a deep and heavy transit with the Full Moon in Pisces, forcing you to face everything you have avoided intimately or relating to your stability. This transit asks you to step up your game and be fearless, as we all wait for the next moon transit in Aries. Not all setbacks are a calamity, you can pick up the pieces and try again. Appreciate the potential that you bring to the table and the Full Moon will remind you of that.

Virgo – Major changes with this transit. This can mean a resolution to the past relationships, a new approach to the future and the discovery of your needs and wants moving forward. In order to have success with others, you need to know yourself. This Full Moon is a reminder of what those needs are and if you are willing to take the dive with someone or just retreat and continue to work on you.

Libra – Energizing is something that can describe this Full Moon for you. It will be an interesting period as you get stimulated to get things done, to see the light in the darkness and to continue to work through those challenging periods one step at a time. You are the go getter with this transit, fearless and ready to tackle things down. Remember to take some care and focus on your needs also.

Scorpio – Love, joy and new experiences will highlight this transit for you. What do you need to abandon to make yourself feel fulfilled? You will denounce that which does not bring you a sense of completeness and will seek to find what brings you that spark in your life. You close out a cycle and a new one will begin as you come to terms with your past heartbreaks and opt to feel hopeful that you will find the joy you crave in the future.

Sagittarius – A transit filled with wonder and peace as you adapt for a hermit type lifestyle. This Full Moon will have you focusing on equilibrium and beautification of your immediate environment. It can be peaceful and bring some sense of joy and wonder to your home while still balancing the energy of Mars with grace.

Capricorn – Pisces will bring a much-needed resting period for you as things take on a more mellow tone this Full Moon. Here you evaluate the need to have others in your life and the importance of connectivity. With the rush of Mars in Aries, this Full Moon is more of a reconnecting to spirituality and values.

Aquarius – You are well on your way to a new journey and this Full Moon will open your eyes to see more in-depth who you really are or plan to become. This is a transit with mastery and self-discovery, a path that will take on more meaning as we close in on the shift from Saturn in Capricorn to Aquarius.

Pisces – With the Full Moon in your sign, you are ready for the next chapter in your life. You have learned your lessons and will possibly come out of this transit feeling a sense of renewal and growth. With the Sun in Virgo, you are learning more how to form more meaningful bonds and ties as well as keeping people in your world that will help you flourish.

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