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Here’s What Each Zodiac Sign Can Expect When Saturn Goes Direct

Saturn goes direct on September 29th, 2020 and we can all breathe a little better knowing that one of the astro planetary giants is finally moving on. We have been on a ride with Saturn in Capricorn since 2017, learning a lot about ourselves and our relationship with authority. We continue to experience the impact of government with these Saturn and Pluto transits. Where we are now is not the same place we were several years ago. This has been a transit of maturity of growth and pain. Many people saw the world with new eyes, and our rose-colored glasses were shattered. The horrors were outlined for us, but we have also learned to see some hope in the darkest of hours. Saturn in Capricorn has exposed the changes that need to be made on a societal and political level. This has been a powerhouse transit, moving and reshaping us from the core and reflecting in our environment. The collective has felt Saturn in Capricorn, but we know that together, we can all hope for greater change in the future after learning the lessons and facing the consequences from this transit. Here’s to growth for the years to come and hope for a better tomorrow.


Saturn has placed you in a position where you can either sink or fly. If you have worked and powered through the last couple of years with the fire and drive of not giving up, congratulations! Saturn direct means you can continue to go forward without feeling blockages when it comes to your career. However, with your ruler currently retrograde, it is still not smooth sailing. Consider this a time to get your plans going and feel the momentum building until dreams start to take off in November.


This transit will have you sticking to your convictions without second guessing yourself. Saturn direct powers you through the next phase, which will have you more focused on status and achievements. You are very much in a contemplative state, analyzing your past achievements and failures, but the good thing is you are learning from them. Get ready to feel more empowered as we approach the end of the year.


You have been going through one of the harshest transits for the last 2.5 years, but now you are slowly feeling the weight being lifted from your shoulders. That sense of optimism will begin to peek through with Saturn finally going direct and exiting Capricorn at the end of the year. Use what you have learned during this transit that has shaped who you are and where you will be headed. You are not the same person from 2017; instead, you have grown and matured. The road has been tough, but you will see how the journey was worth it.

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Saturn direct means you will finally be able to see the truth behind your relationships. No longer will you feel like you are mirroring partners, because now you have grown to learn more about yourself and what you seek in someone else. This Saturn transit has been rough but empowering. There is more motivation to get the achievement you desire and the recognition from your peers. You are learning to embrace the limelight and to allow yourself to shine. No more hiding your glow since you have so much more to offer to the world.


You have given it your all during this Saturn transit since 2017. There have been a lot of obstacles for you to overcome, but Saturn has taught you a lot about being diligent and patient. You have learned that even if you give it your all, you are still going to face challenges, and the outcome will not be what you originally planned. You’ve excelled at coordinating, fought and learned to understand your limits while refusing to back down or give up. During the next several months, you are rekindling with your fire energy, thanks to the trine your sign is making to Mars. You can see the finish line and are awaiting your victory.


The state of your romantic life is probably not the same as it was 2.5 years ago. Saturn might have brought about a person who turned your world upside down, but the experience, although tough, was a learning lesson for you. For those who are single, this transit made a change in your social circles. During the retrograde, it was possible you reminisced and learned about the changes you need to make for romances. Your dynamics with others will also change moving forward. Saturn direct will have you focused on rebuilding and restructuring how you view yourself and your ideology.


This was one of the tougher transits for you, and it makes sense why you will not miss seeing Saturn in Capricorn. The retrograde period brought you back to your roots and the emotional experiences you might have felt with partners. This Mars retrograde might also have brought back some painful memories that you need to learn to cope with to move forward. Mars and Saturn are making you move from the tough waves that life brings you and the unexpected changes. Your identity has changed because you might feel more empowered and mature, given the position you have been put in. It is possible you were thrown into a leadership role at work or school or even made some tough decisions at home. Saturn showed you what you were capable of and how independent you can be.


This is a rough transit to have, because it can open some emotional wounds you might have at home or with friendships. Saturn retrograde taught you that to interact with people, you need to listen and be patient. Being explosive during this transit over the last several years has led you nowhere. To avoid drama and fights, you needed to truly listen and change some mannerisms. You have developed a sense of courage, especially in the workplace or school. With this planet finally going direct, you know your strengths, how good you can articulate your thoughts, and how to manage situations with different groups of people.


This Saturn transit has felt like a redo of Saturn in your sign. You continued to face similar challenges with identity and truly learning the meaning of independence. Saturn in Capricorn taught you to be more open to accepting and forgiving yourself, and this is what you are working on now that the planet is direct. The boost from Mars will allow you to burn through the emotions as you continue to reshape your thoughts and philosophy during this process. Get ready for some excitement, as you can feel the cashflow begin to change and the optimism growing since Jupiter, your ruler, is also direct.


Who am I? This is the question you probably repeated to yourself several times during this transit. Saturn retrograde had you pouring through different situations as you tried to maintain stability in your life while the chaos ensued. You are the fighter, with Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn currently in your sign. The pressures and responsibilities piled but you managed to keep your cool (sort of). Now with Saturn and Jupiter doing direct, you can once again plan and see the road ahead with clearer eyes and a smile. You will feel renewed as Saturn stays for the next few months before finally exiting your sign.


With Saturn direct here, you feel some of your pressures melting off as you come to peace with your subconscious. The issues now with Saturn will involve your own maturity, but that all begins to manifest when Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius. This is a period where you will be mentally stimulated, driven to connect with others and will discover your own inner voice. Many will be open to listening to what you have to say. Your experiences can serve as a healing experience as well. Saturn has taught you how to heal, grow, and motivate others. You will wake up from the cloudiness Saturn presented and will take on the world, inspired.


The pressure is off, and now you can once again feel like others have your back. Saturn direct will have you remembering the pain or excitement you felt during this transit. There might have been close friendships that have ended, but you made new ones. This path has not been an easy one for you, and Saturn in Aquarius will present some of the similar themes from this transit. You are learning to become more independent and self-reliant. However, you will also learn to seek help from others if you are in need, because certain situations can be hard for us and we will need the support system from others.

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