Here Is Each Sign’s Horoscope For 2020’s Venus In Virgo

Venus enters the sign of Virgo on October 2nd and it will stay there until October 27th. Venus in an Earth sign is welcomed energy since it will make a positive trine to Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. While we feel the pressures of Saturn, things will feel a little less chaotic since most of the major planets transiting Capricorn are now direct. With Venus in Virgo, we will feel more inclined to work hard without being pushed to our limits. As soon as Venus and Saturn form a tight aspect this can be a romantic aspect, especially for many with Virgo or Earth placements since it might want to make you feel committed to someone. Venus will bring some dreaminess, if only briefly because Saturn can be a little frigid. We set our sights towards greater things, feeling more ambitious and in control as we navigate through the final months of the year.

Aries – Get ready to rekindle those passions during this transit. There will be a focus on health and self-improvement with this transit which will add on to the fire and passions that Mars is bringing into your life. While Mars has you feeling burnt out, Venus in Virgo can add some energy into your life. The motivation and drive of this transit will prove beneficial especially during this Mars retrograde.

Taurus – A fun transit that will have you ready to embark on new adventures. You are feeling adventurous and excited with Venus in this Earth sign. If you felt inspired, prepared to feel awakened now. There is a need to build, create, and share now. Others will take notice of the projects you create, and you might leave many in awe.

Gemini – You settle into this fellow Mercurian energy with the Venus in Virgo transit. One of the more enjoyable moments of this astrological event will be your need to take in all the earthly energy and settle with it in the privacy of your home. Venus will make you feel motivated to make changes to your rooms, to decorate and beautify. It will also have you more inclined to meditate and relax.

Cancer – If you are involved in the creative field, this will be a very inspirational transit since Venus will have you saying the perfect things now. With words like honey, you can also charm your partner or attract a new one. Feeling the overall pressures of your house of partnerships alleviating creates room for more optimism and self-love.

Leo – Focusing on yourself during this transit can bring you a lot of mental clarity and peace. After your Venus transit, you might still want to focus in on self-care, especially with Mars retrograding in a fellow fire sign, Aries. Venus will motivate you to create, build, and plan on making solid foundations for your next chapter.

Virgo – Venus is finally in your sign and this is just the transit you have been waiting for. The loss of confidence from Saturn’s impact the last couple of years might feel like a distant memory now that the planet of restriction is finally direct. You are magnetic and exude a little more confidence during this transit. Do not hide away what you have to offer and allow yourself to shine.

Libra – A good time to settle into your season and be more methodical. You are feeling the pressures from Mars, Saturn, and Pluto but this Venus transit allows you to feel calm and at peace. This is a great time to meditate, relax, and just take in the calming flow until we get ready for your Venus transit.

Scorpio –- With this Venus in Virgo transit, you will be nostalgic and this upcoming Mercury Retrograde is going to have you want to reconnect and stay in touch with those you have not been in contact with for months. Social media will be on fire for you during this transit with the potential to meet new people or be more in the spotlight online.

Sagittarius – Bold, strong, and empowered, Venus in Virgo has you fighting for your throne in a glamorous way. While Mars makes you find that passion within, Venus will do the same but in a more diplomatic and graceful manner. Venus here provides you luck with authority figures as you navigate through challenges with school or work. Victory is on the horizon.

Capricorn – Passion, excitement, and inspiration. This Venus in Virgo transit has you feeling like you are surfing through cloud nine. You and your fellow earth signs all feel that there is a change in the works, as the pressure begins to alleviate. Hard work is still in store with you, but things begin to settle since your ruler has gone direct. Venus here reminds you of the brighter side of things while still working hard.

Aquarius – There will be a reality check with this transit as you push yourself to get things in order. A lot of the tension you might have felt earlier in the year begins to build up, but you are at a phase where you have learned and are confident enough to navigate the surprises that are brought to you this month. Venus in Virgo settles you, makes you more aware of your surroundings, and evolves you.

Pisces – You will enjoy this transit since it will have you on your toes. Expect to feel a more profound connection if you are in a relationship. Those who are single might be content with thinking about the past or entering a new chapter in their romantic life. Overall, you are feeling confident and exude happiness. This sets the tone for positive changes to come.

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