What Venus In Cancer Means For Each Zodiac Sign

Venus entered the sign of Cancer on August 7 and will remain there until September 6. Venus in Gemini has been with us since April 3, and it will finally make its exit. Our focus will go from expressing love through communicating to feeling the grounding passion associated with the sign of Cancer. In Gemini, we experienced the playfulness of Venus. The issues here revolve around the opposition that Venus will create with Saturn and Pluto. There is also the dreaded square that Venus will make with Mars in Aries, creating more tension and frustration and adding onto the loneliness and isolation we may experience.

We will feel the tension with people we know. Friendships and romantic relationships might be strained. The ups and downs that accompany this transit will make us all feel the stress and pressure. Nevertheless, that will begin to manifest towards the end of the transit as the degrees begin to close in. Venus will still create some joyous moments for us. We have felt the impact of the Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto transit since the beginning of the year. We are somewhat used to this new normal. This transit will be a moment of reflection.

Venus in Gemini wants to explore, to learn and experience passions through mental stimulation, while Venus in Cancer seeks stability, nurturing, and expressing love through endless devotion. Emotions will be strong this transit because Venus in water likes to feel and are bound by a deep connection. Get ready for the emotional journey to self-discovery.


You are connecting with your roots this transit as Venus in Cancer as it provides a grounding force in your life. With Mars in your sign, it is best to check the ego when you cannot get your way or when things appear to keep slowing during these Capricorn transits with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter. Venus reminds you that your foundation is imperative before reaching your next phase. During this transit, you can try to exercise more diplomacy and bring that peaceful energy to your home and surroundings. If there are any conflicts with partners or family members at this time, remember to breathe in and out.


Venus in Cancer will make your words flourish during this transit. You will be more willing to step out of your comfort zone when you are expressing yourself because you will have a confidence boost, which is necessary, since Mars is currently hidden for you, so tapping into that energy will be more frustrating compared to Venus. When the Venus opposition with the Capricorn stellium happens, you will be more inclined to be forceful with getting your point across. This can take an emotional toll, especially if you aren’t getting your way. Remember to relax during this transit and enjoy the magic you can conjure with words.


Venus, which has been in your sign since April, will finally exit and make its way to the sign of Cancer. Your karmic wounds will begin to heal as you consider new methods of exerting your Venusian energies through self-care and splurging. Make sure not to get too carried away this transit and to mind your finances. When the square with Mars happens, make sure to hang on tight and do not let the wounds from the past open up. You might feel the hurt, but it will be a time where you will feel comfortable in yourself, and the confidence will allow you to keep pushing forward. Channel the energy to create successes that will contribute to your stability.


Mercury has exited your sign and now Venus enters. This will be a wonderful time for you, and even with the opposition with Saturn and Pluto, you should still feel some of that benefits that Venus has to bring. This transit will feel heavy towards the end, as Saturn’s impact will make you feel lost and isolated, but overall, you should feel the nurturing love of Venus through and through. Venus in your sign is still lovely and joyful once we focus on the positives. You will definitely be in your element, expressing love and devotion of the highest forms to the ones you adore.


During this transit, you will be fine with feeling the pleasures and comforts in a way that brings you peace and emotional security. Venus in Cancer will be a different energy from the Gemini one, where you might have felt more focused on socializing and connecting with friends and family. Things will begin to shift during this upcoming transit as you bring the attention back to your needs but from a more private setting. With the Sun and Mercury still in your sign, you will still feel radiant and vibrant, but Venus has you emotionally content even when you are away from the spotlight and alone.


One of those transits that will force you to come out of your shell (briefly). You might be shying away from the limelight now, but Venus makes you more comfortable in your expression. This can be a good time for single Virgos to meet someone through their social circles (if they want to). Venus in Cancer can make you nostalgic for the past, and those new connections might have you reminiscing about exes. Nevertheless, it will be a transit that will have you experiencing both the positives and negatives. You will still feel the pressures and wanting to isolate due to the Capricorn stellium, but you will feel empowered to still take your chances by having fun and trying to find love.


This Venus transit will be emotional for the Cardinal signs. Right now, you are feeling the tensions from Mars opposing your sign and Capricorn stellium squaring your rising. This Venus transit will show you the fruits of your labor and how your efforts and successes have impacted your home front. This can be a frustrating period but filled with rewards afterwards since you will learn how to manage the stresses, the challenges and embrace them as necessary in order to advance in your path for success. Venus will show you how to radiate this season even when you feel on the verge of collapsing. Stay strong.


Water sign Venus transits will be welcoming for you and this one will show you the power and importance of higher love and learning. It can be a period of spiritual awakening, with Venus teaching you new things revolving topics that you are curious about. Venus here will find some tensions as the planet faces off the Capricorn stellium towards the end of the transit, marking your journey with some frustrations, but as a Scorpio, you will manage to bounce through this. Passions will accelerate when it comes to getting what you want, and with Mars in Aries having you fearless and motivated, you will be pretty much unstoppable when it comes to reaching goals this transit.


Your karmic love story has taken hiatus with Venus shifting from Gemini into Cancer. Now you will bring your focus to healing of the heart and the results from the previous Venus transit. Although relationships from the past might not influence you as much as the last several months, you still have some wounds to heal. Venus wants you to take action, to value yourself, and to be more cautious with relationships moving forward. Lessons learned during this transit, especially after this Venus Retrograde, will help you uncover those needs for your future relationships to flourish.


With this Venus transit creating an opposition to your sign and the stellium of planets in it, this can feel like a very stressful and emotional period for you. Tensions will flare when Venus begins to square Mars, creating friction in your partnerships and home front. It is a good idea to not let your anger get the best of you and to focus on the lessons this transit can bring you. Honor yourself and those around you. Venus can still bring you joy even if it can feel challenging. The warmth of Venus will bring benefits and excitement to the melancholy that your sign might be enduring.


You will focus more on yourself this transit, welcoming routine and order into your life, especially after the effects of this Full Moon transit in your sign. With Venus in Cancer, you will be the go-to person for colleagues during this transit because Venus will make you more personable and ready to help others out. When the square to Mars happens, you might feel the conflict with home and work or school. Try to strike a balance here, since you might feel the pressures from the external colliding with your inner world.


This Venus in Cancer transit will be quite welcoming for you, as you enjoy the pleasant aspects this planet will make to your sign. You will be more inclined to experience new things and enjoy yourself for the next several weeks. Venus here will eventually create some tensions when it opposes Capricorn and squares Mars. Your focus would shift on how you are managing how you expense your time and what you can do to create more efficiency. Although you will be having a lot of fun, it can make you negligent. Overall, you should still enjoy the good moments Venus has to offer.

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